BitFenix Recon Fan Controller Review

Software and Browser operation

BitFenix Recon Review


Software and Browser Operation.

On page 4 we saw how to use the Recon as a conventional ,if not advanced, fan controller, and if you only ever wanted to interact with the controller in this way you'll find it to be a a well balanced well thought out bit of kit.  It is however capable of so much more.  As the introduction suggests, the Recon is web connectible and as such can be used via a web browser local to the PC in which it is housed, or from a remote interface with web access

The instructions make mention of an installation CD, however, in reality what is found inside the box is a small slip of paper directing you to a download on the BitFenix website.  Once installed the program enables  you to access the functions of the fan controller from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Once the Browser interface is accessed the operator can control the higher level functions of the Recon.  In Manual mode, clicking and dragging the slider on the Graphical equaliser style display alters the speed of the fan in pretty much real time (we experienced a 1-2 second delay).  In auto mode things gt quite surreal, with the sliders moving up and down of their own accord as the speed of the fans increases and decreases in accordance with the preset temperature thresholds as described on the last page.  The image below left shows the controller in manual mode with the speeds by the operator.  The image below right shows Auto mode.  Here we see the fan speeds are low indicating that the need to increase them has not yet been felt necessary by the sensor threshold.

BitFenix Recon Review     BitFenix Recon Review

The web Browser also enables the user to set up to 3 presets.  This is done by first setting the profile desired and then saving it by means of a single click into the chosen Preset position.  These saved presets can also be named to help better remember their purpose, as in the image below left we have named this profile "silent running" as the majority of fans are set to their minimum speeds.  below right we see the operator selecting P1 as a profile as indicated by the highlighted area of the screen.


BitFenix Recon Review     BitFenix Recon Review

The real ace in the hole for BitFenix though is the ability to access the Recon remotely from any web connected device, and that includes smart phones.  Don't go thinking you need a specific make and model of phone, or version of android or other OS and the like to download and run a compatible app, because you don't.  The Recon is web connected, so all that's needed is a bit of a fiddle around with your firewall settings and the port forwarding on your router and access can be gained simply by keying in the PCs IP address.  The Image below left shows how the interface presents when accessed via a mobile device.  I think you'll agree the interface is quite self explanatory, but just in case we've pulled a page from the BitFenix site to help detail the finer functions.  The mobile interface is in essence a smaller version of the main browser interface, but loses none of the functionality.

 BitFenix Recon Review     BitFenix Recon Review


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Most Recent Comments

12-11-2012, 05:39:11

The feature-price ratio looks spot on. I think this will do well for Bitfenix.Quote

12-11-2012, 05:40:06

Might replace my NZXT Sentry mix for one of these Quote

12-11-2012, 06:37:44

I have often looked a fan controllers and thought that the cheap ones were too simple and the ones with the features I would like are far too expensive. This is the first one I have seen that fits the best of both. £30 quid is worth a punt, even if it's not quite what you want or need.Quote

12-11-2012, 12:49:37

nice review as always
it looks really good and for that price its a real billy bargainQuote

12-11-2012, 12:56:05

Well done tom Quote

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