BitFenix Ghost Review

Up Close: Interior

BitFenix Ghost Review


Up Close:  Interior

The interior of the case is finished in the same deep anthracite as the exterior, with the quality of the workmanship being as you would expect from BitFenix.  A large cut out is provided to make CPU cooler changing easier, with four other cutouts available for cable management.  Strangely these cutouts do not come with the rubber grommets pre installed, instead they are supplied in the accessories pack and have to be installed by the system builder.  Had it not been for the grommets having a really nice soft touch feel to them, installing them would have been a detestable job.  As it was though it was merely just a pain in the arse.  Come on BitFenix, since when was it acceptable to have to install your own grommets?  Another trend bucking choice is the exclusion of the normal hex bolt motherboard stand offs.  Instead BitFenix have opted for raised domes pressed through from the reverse with threaded holes to accept motherboard screws.  We do have a few concerns as to whether this method opens up the risk of shorting your motherboard, however it is easily mitigated by the addition of a small piece of insulating tape to the top of the dome.  Still an odd choice though.

BitFenix Ghost Review     BitFenix Ghost Review


Three 5.25" bays are available, with the uppermost bay being open up to the roof of the case.  Why is this important?  well it shows BitFenix are listening to their feedback that's why.  Having the open space up there means that should the owner wish to add a longer radiator to the roof than the 240 the case is already able to accept, his life is made easier by not having to chop through the top of the 5.25" bays. 

BitFenix Ghost Review     BitFenix Ghost Review


The Ghost has native support for 4 x 3.5" and 3 x 2.5" drives.  The upper bay assembly however can be increased in size by moving the innermost side panel, enabling 7 X 3.5" drives to be accommodated, or, should you wish, removed completely enabling the accommodation of GPUs up to 430mm in length.  That said, with the drive bay configured for 2.5" drives the case will still take GPUs up to 335mm in length, or up to 310mm in length should you opt for the 7 x 3.5" drive configuration.  Although the wall itself is removed by means of screws, the rest of the bay assembly is riveted in place.  Should you wish to remove it you'll be pleased to know there's just enough room between the floor and the base of the 5.25" bays to accommodate a 240mm radiator.

BitFenix Ghost Review     BitFenix Ghost Review


As we saw from the outside, the floor of the case is dominated by a large mesh panel.  There's space here for either a 140mm or 120mm fan (if you're that way inclined), otherwise there's plenty of room for even a large PSU.  Although BitFenix do include a set of adhesive rubber PSU isolation feet in the accessories pack, the case does not ship with these in place, neither is it immediately clear where they're meant to go as the instructions don't cover it.  Instead the PSU is supported by 4 raised metal nipples, much like the motherboard stand offs.  We can't help thinking that as these metal stand offs are exactly the right height to line the PSU up with the mounting holes on the rear then the rubber additions must raise it up higher still, other wise the PSU would not sit on them.  raising the PSU up too high of course will cause it not to line up with it's mounting holes.  I guess we'll see when we come to the build.  The image below and right is of the interior of the door which as you can see is covered in a layer of Serenitek sound absorbing material.

BitFenix Ghost Review     BitFenix Ghost Review


Moving up the rear of the Ghost from the PSU area we find 7 PCI expansion bay covers.  The covers are of the non vented variety which is in keeping with the silent theme of the case but any advantage this may give in preventing sound exiting the case is largely negated by the vented area immediately adjacent to them.  The covers themselves are not held in place by screws, instead sort of clipped in to the case edge.  We initially thought this might be a disaster waiting to happen but despite a few good prods and shakes we unable to dislodge any.  Needless to say large knurled thumb bolts are included to enable a secure fitting of any expansion cards.  Above the PCI slots we find a single 120mm Spectre fans and the rear U/O area.  As mentioned when we looked at the exterior there are also metal punch-outs for external water-cooling.

 BitFenix Ghost Review     BitFenix Ghost Review


If you've spent any real time with a PC case you'll know that to achieve a good quality build with good cable management, the rear of the Case is more important than the front.  It's here that we manage our cables, so it's here that the time and effort goes.  there are two main factors that make this an easy job or a hard job; space and cable tie points.  With 20mm or so of space the Ghost has ample room to route cables although fitting in some of the bulky ATX power extenders may require careful planning.  Unfortunately where the Ghost lets the side down is in the area of cable tie points.  There are 4.  Yes you read that correctly 4!  Maybe BitFenix have assumed that as there's no window in the case you're not going to be bothered about a tidy wiring job.  Also, as the motherboard tray joins the roof by mans of an angled plate there's also no convenient trough along the roof line to stash away unwanted cables and fan cables making their way rearward.  Either way with just 4 points to anchor the many cables to. it's going to make for an interesting build

 BitFenix Ghost Review     BitFenix Ghost Review  

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Most Recent Comments

24-10-2012, 11:01:57

Great review, been waiting a while for this review! Quote

24-10-2012, 13:15:26

Have to admit I kinda discounted this in my search for a quiet case due to that open mesh top. I don't really see how it can compete with the R4 as a purely "quiet" case with that open top?Quote

24-10-2012, 13:31:27

Been waiting for the OC3D review on this... Project chimp has its case. I LOVE IT!Quote

24-10-2012, 15:19:54

Thanks very much for the review. Would love to see Tom do a once over of it in a video as well.

He was the one that first put this case on my radar when he teased them while visiting Bitfenix way back when (Ghost and Prodigy) Quote

25-10-2012, 15:07:59

The case looks great overall. One small thing, though. I have one of those bitfenix LED strips 30cm white, and it is WAY too bright for me to use anywhere in or around the case (for my taste) it seems more suited for use as a flood light than for inside a case. The blue model is more subtle.

Did you ever find it too bright/distracting having two white strips at the bottom of the case? I know the bitfenix strips don't have a on/off so I could see it being distracting & annoying at night during work/gaming/movies etc having such an immensely bright light coming from under the case with no on/off switch.Quote

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