Antec 1900 Gaming Case Review

Up Close: Interior Lower section and Reverse

Antec Nineteen Hundred Review

Up Close:  Interior Lower section and Reverse

You've probably already noticed that the Nineteen Hundred has a set of lower doors which are more than just a little bit reminiscent of the 900Ds.  Actually they're more than just a little bit reminiscent, they're a blatant rip off.  Still, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Anyway, back to the plot.  The pair of bottom hinged doors are opened by means of pressing the buttons on the rear panel of the case, or by hitting the case on the top towards the rear, which also has the same effect, although we don't think it's by design.  Once opened we find inside another six 3.5" dive bays, which when added to the 6 upstairs gives a grand total of twelve, so with 4TB drives on the market there's a potential for 48TB of storage here.  Anybody here need that much?  If you're thinking server, then believe us there are better options out there.

Antec Nineteen Hundred Review     Antec Nineteen Hundred Review


There's also space down here for a second PSU, and although there is a filtered air intake there is precious little other ventilation down here aside from the single 120mm intake fan at the front.  All that hot air has to go somewhere, and we have real concerns that should you load this area up you're going to have trouble getting rid of the heat.  As Antec have left the blacking plate off this PSU it appears that they intend you to use this  PSU mount.  If you do, bear in mind you're going to need cable extensions.

The base section is another area where Antec have missed an opportunity.  With the option of a second PSU mount we were hopeful that this section would be se up for an M-ITX motherboard to be mounted.  Alas I was not to be.  Or perhaps with 450mm of length and 140mm of height it's be set up so that 360mm rads could be mounted.  Again, the solid sides and lack of fixing points put an end to his native water support dream.  Basically, it's a place to put more storage.

Antec Nineteen Hundred Review     Antec Nineteen Hundred Review 


At least on the reverse side of the motherboard Antec appear not to have cocked things up quite so royally. 

Antec Nineteen Hundred Review     Antec Nineteen Hundred Review  


There are plenty of well laid out oversize cable tie points, with Antec including and pre fitting adjustable reusable cable ties.  Up top there are a few routing holes for 8pin CPU cables and others needing to make their way to the top of the board.  There is a similar sized hole in the lower trough which could theoretically be used to route cables up rear side from the lower PSU mount but we struggled to get the 24pin plug through it and doubt it would accommodate all the cables from a substantive build.

Antec Nineteen Hundred Review     Antec Nineteen Hundred Review


First the good news. there's about 25mm of space to play with back here.  Now the bad, with the case top removed we again see how this case has been tailored to the accommodation of 240mm based cooling.  If you want to fit it for 360, you're going to be spending quite a bit of time with the dremel.

Antec Nineteen Hundred Review     Antec Nineteen Hundred Review

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Most Recent Comments

10-02-2014, 11:02:47

Oh I was right about this being the case that you were going to "talk" about. Can't watch the review (no sound at work, I'll watch it later) but I've read it through and I agree, its like a 900D from 2002-2006. Its a shame about the build quality being nothing special, as the cases I've used by them in the past have all been surprisingly well built, albeit lacking in the ol' cable management department. I do like the exterior (mainly because I like the enermax case it looks suspiciously alot like) but it costs too much for what it is. Poor show antec, you could've done much better . Their Gx700 is an underrated case, this however, is not.Quote

10-02-2014, 11:15:53

I was actually looking forward to getting this and the green mesh option really caught my eye but after reading the review and watching the vid I think I'll stick with my 540.

This case would of been great in the early 2000's.Quote

10-02-2014, 11:19:09

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
I was actually looking forward to getting this and the green mesh option really caught my eye but after reading the review and watching the vid I think I'll stick with my 540.

This case would of been great in the early 2000's.
Would have been a good (albeit) expensive introduction to modding though :P.Quote

10-02-2014, 11:28:31

Originally Posted by barnsley View Post
Would have been a good (albeit) expensive introduction to modding though :P.
Indeed, Although it seems to me that the designers were smoking crack when they built this thing because it's a massive pile of horse crap, Looks so cheap and nasty.Quote

10-02-2014, 11:29:15

In a world where removable modular drive bays are common place it's also baffling to understand why Antec have chosen to rivet there's in place.
It's "theirs" instead of "there's".
Here at OC3D we strive to be subjective in all things regardless of our personal preferences and our likes and dislikes.
What we have is a subjective review of a case that could have and should have been great but fell well short of the mark.
I think the proper word is "objective", not "subjective".
Nice review though.Quote

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