Anidees AI Crystal Tempered Glass Case Review


Anidees AI Crystal Review


When we commenced this review we remarked at the claim by Anidees that the AI was, grammatical errors accepted, "Not just a case with a glass side panel".  Admittedly, it does have more than one side panel, indeed, it has two, and a front panel to boot.  We did however get the feeling that Anidees were claiming much more than that.  Well, if they were, they had very big Bälle, and thing is, and we don't say this very often, we think they might well have been right.  Over the last few months we've seen core changes in the design of PC cases taking place.  In their efforts to grasp the new design paradigm, some manufacturers have come close, some have fallen wide of the mark.  Anidees though, seem to have got it just right.  Why do we say this.  Well, let's dissect the case.  to begin with, let's keep in mind that this case costs just £129.  Now that might seem a lot of green to lay down on a case, but bear with us as we pick through the detail.  the AI is a three panel 5mm tempered glass case, and by three panel we mean left, right and front, not just a pretty full length left side panel.  The front of the case is wholly uninterrupted by 5.25" drives, and neither is there a concession to them inside or at the rear.  The front side interior of the case is not besmirched by 3.5" or even 2.5" drives, for all these unattractive atrocities are alcoved around the rear areas.  It has a PSU false floor, it has stealth mounts for 2.5" and 3.5" drives behind the motherboard, and can even take GPUs up to 404mm in length, and CPU coolers up to 175mm tall.  OK so it's sounding quite nice...Now let's factor in the cooling.  yes guys and girls this case can take a severe amount of radage.  Anything up to 280mm or 360mm in the roof, and the same in the front.  Take a look at the relevant page in the review for the details but in summary you'll find that we're talking rads in the roof up to 60mm thick and in the front up to 38mm thick.  Admittedly you can't fit 2x360mm rads, but hey, with what's on offer, who cares.

We've often said that a long conclusion is a bad conclusion, and with that in mind we need to bring this one to a close.  There's really not a lot to dislike about the Anidees AI, hell, even the £129 price tag is respectable.  In chatting about with Tom it, we said we though it looked like the glamorous offspring of an amorous meeting between the Inwin 805 and the fractal Define S.  And as much as we stand by this observation, we do though feel it's doing the A1 a disservice.  You see, the AI is much greater than the sum of its parts, and certainly much greater than the sum of it's fictional amorous alliance, and as such we have to agree with Anidees when they say it's "not just a case with a glass side panel".  Let's put it this way, there are very few cases out there that stimulate me to the point where I want to keep them, and even fewer that get my juices flowing to the extent that I actually want build into them.  The Anidees AI though is definitely one of them.  With regards to the award the Anidees AI gets the Exceptional Aesthetics award because of the awesome externals but with its cable routing internal challenges only a true OC3D believer should take on building a tidy system in it. Everyone here at OC3D that has seen this case has all agreed on one thing, we want one. Do you? 

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Most Recent Comments

08-08-2016, 12:25:03

I want a white one . Take my money please Quote

08-08-2016, 12:27:08

Originally Posted by Tolemac View Post
I want a white one . Take my money please
I did have a think about white, not sure it would work even with a light grey tint on the glass. The front deffo wouldnt work.Quote

08-08-2016, 16:54:41

That is a HUGE case. Not my cup of tea but I can certainly see the appeal.Quote

08-08-2016, 18:14:00

Did the Anidees crew grab someone from Fractal?
The thing looks awesome and that 3x140 support is wonderful, but it does bear a bit of a resemblance...
Now to get some 90 degree adapters for 24 pin, 4/8 pin and USB 3.0 to allow that cable cover to really do it's job!Quote

08-08-2016, 18:53:08

Does look a lot like the Define S with some nice little additions. Still I do hope that this will be available in AUS.Quote

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