Alphacool NVXP-G8 waterblock

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

So how well did the Alphacool NVXP-G8 perform in todays review?

Well the Alphacool NVXP-G8 is certainly a quality made product...something that we've come to expect from Alphacool. The attention to detail and dedication to producing a well-performing product is evident from the very moment that you cast your eyes on the product. Admittedly, the look of the water-block may not appeal to everyone, but  hardware aesthetics can be a personal thing. When the new line of packaging is introduced by Alphacool GmbH instead of the plastic blister pack we received, it will both compliment and protect a little better.

It is a well known fact that 'GPU only'  water blocks tend to perform better than their full-cover counterparts. However; quite a few enthusiasts tend to prefer full-cover water blocks over the alternative simply because they compliment their chosen setup better. Personally I like the look of a full-cover water block and therefore accept the cooling performance hit that comes along with the owning one. That being said, the Alphacool NVXP-G8 performed more than admirably in our review today and would be well suited to any high-end water-cooled rig.

Alphacool NVXP-G8

Looking at the Alphacool NVXP-G8's performance today there are a couple of areas that need further discussion. Alphacool's decision to run with thermal pads for the 8800GTS' memory IC's admittedly makes it considerably easier and potentially cleaner (when installing), but in the end proved detrimental to the resultant memory overclock. The EK FC8800GTS on the other hand requires the application of Arctic Silver Ceramique to the memory, which today provided the best result by taking the memory overclock from the default of 792Mhz to 1020Mhz. Perhaps this is something that Alphacool can look at further. The included thermal pads definitely don't transfer heat as efficiently as thermal paste. Furthermore; to Alphacool's credit, the NVXP-G8 was also able to take my GPU's core clock from the default of 513Mhz to 663Mhz; an increase in core clock performance of 29%.

Secondly, the weight of the Alphacool NVXP-G8 is an area of particular interest. Weighing in at around 800 grams the NVXP-G8 is certainly a meaty piece of water-cooling hardware, and although it cooled my GPU almost as well as the EK FC8800GTS, the EK water block does so at around 200 grams lighter. Whilst the NVXP-G8 didn't cause any bowing of the graphics card pcb, I can't be sure that the weight of the block wouldn't cause bowing due to stress in the future if given a longer period of usage.

The NVXP-G8 also exhibited slightly more flow restriction when compared to the EK FC8800GTS, so you will need to factor this into the equation when planning your water-cooling loop. If you were going to utilise the NVXP-G8 as well as a CPU block and/or NB block, then you would do well to include a high flow pump like the Laing DDC Ultra into your order, to offset the restriction.

Pricing for the Alphacool NVXP-G8 is extremely competitive, and you can get your hands on one from the lads at SpecialTech for  £54.21 , inc VAT 17.5%.

Let's have a look at the breakdown:

The Good
• Solid performance
• Quality build from a trusted name
• Attractive looks and appeal
• Facilitates less pressure loss than the EK FC8800GTS
• Ease of installation

The Mediocre
• Weight
• SLI users may baulk at the static positioning of the barbs

The Bad
• Nothing to report

Today I have decided to award the Alphacool NVXP-G8 water block the Overclock3D Recommended award based on its excellent performance today. I believe that if Alphacool can address the issues that I highlighted today, then the NVXP-G8 could be the full-cover water block of choice for many enthusiasts.

Recommended award

Thanks to SpecialTech for supplying the Alphacool NVXP-G8 8800GTS water block for review.

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Most Recent Comments

16-11-2007, 03:20:38

Great review mate, I sadly can think of many improvments they could make to the design.Quote

16-11-2007, 06:03:46

Mr. Smith
Sound methodology and a balanced conclusion.

I'd take the EK over the alpha due to ability to change barb direction... That and it performs better lolQuote

16-11-2007, 06:15:48

Thanks guys for the feedback, it's very much appreciated as it allows me to refine the process. Is there anything else that you would like to see done in future reviews that I haven't included?Quote

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