AeroCool X-Predator Evil

Up Close: Cooling and Ventilation

 AeroCool X-Predator Evil Black/Orange

Up Close: Cooling and Ventilation

So far we've mentioned two fan locations neither of which have fans pre mounted on them.  Now I don't want you thinking that this case doesn't come with any fans at all, far from it.  It actually has two 230mm fans pre installed.  Air is pulled in from the front by means of 230mm intake fan.  This is an Orange 9 bladed fan with orange LEDs, with manufacturers figures detailing a fan speed of 750rpm +/- 100rpm, delivering 49CFM of air with a static pressure of 0.54mm H2O, and generating a maximum of 27dBA of noise.  The fan is located between the front grille and the HHD rack.  The top extract fan sports identical figures to the front fan save that it is a non LED unit with Black blades.  This fan is located roughly centrally in the roof of the case.  Should you wish to remove this top fan mounting holes are also provided for either 2x120mm or 2x140mm fans, and given the room up there it's fairly safe to say it'd be an easy enough job to slot in a 120.2 or 140.2 radiator leaving enough room for fans before Motherboard encroachment issues raise their heads.

AeroCool X-Predator Evil Black/Orange     AeroCool X-Predator Evil Black/Orange  

Back to the outside of the case now and one of the more interesting features of the XPREDATOR.  The top of the case is formed by means of 5 louvres.  These louvres can be opened or closed by means of a sliding tab on the top edge of the case.  Opening and closing the louvres will of course reduce the amount of air being extracted from the case and should also serve to reduce the sonic footprint of the case.  Opening the louvre lets the case breath and provides a decent size vent for the top fan to exhaust the hot air from inside the case.  The aim I assume is that when you're sitting browsing the web or other such low heat generating activities then you can slow down the fan and close down the roof, letting the minimal hot air generated be exhausted by the rear fan.  Switch to turbo nutter gamer mode (this is a gamers case after all) and you're going to want to crank up the fan speeds and open up the louvres, allowing for maximum hot air extraction.

AeroCool X-Predator Evil Black/Orange     AeroCool X-Predator Evil Black/Orange  

Not only do the louvres alter the thermal characteristics of the case, they also significantly alter it's aesthetics,  I actually quite like both the looks in equally measure with the chevroned (might have just made that word up) louvres having design overtones of interlocking plates of armour, mixed with a little F22 raptor.  How amazing would it be if the louvres were motorised and linked to a thermostat so that they opened automatically (preferably with a little servo noise for good measure) when the temperature inside the case reached a pre determined point.  Sadly they aren't, you have to do it yourself, making the little servo noise yourself is optional.

AeroCool X-Predator Evil Black/Orange     AeroCool X-Predator Evil Black/Orange

AeroCool X-Predator Evil Black/Orange     AeroCool X-Predator Evil Black/Orange

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Most Recent Comments

31-10-2011, 10:00:24

I don't like the look of the toolless fittings on the optical bays and the side panel doesn't look good either with those fan grills on it. Besides that though it looks like a decent case. Quote

31-10-2011, 10:11:36

this thing would look er with some of those cougar fans in it!!!Quote

31-10-2011, 10:46:51

The only thing I like with the case is that funky air-vent at the top.

Not to my taste really.Quote

31-10-2011, 11:27:04

Originally Posted by daniSAUR View Post

The only thing I like with the case is that funky air-vent at the top.

Not to my taste really.
I agree with you. I've seen that air-vent thing before on a scratch build by someone on another forum.Quote

31-10-2011, 11:59:03

| raVen |
I hate this orange!BTW case looks too aggressive for me, side panel window should be plain without fan mounts.Quote

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