Aerocool Strike-X Air Review

Up Close: Exterior

Aerocool Strike-X Air Review


Up Close:  Exterior

The Strike-X Air Is predominantly made from formed plastic over a metal frame to give strength.  As you can see from the images below the horizontal layout of the open frame design is essentially split into two halves, with the motherboard area on the right and the drive bay area on the left.  The footprint of the case is so large that it won't actually fit into the light tent, necessitating a bit of improvisation involving a trip to the haberdashers to purchase some black material.

Aerocool Strike-X Air Review     Aerocool Strike-X Air Review  

Aerocool Strike-X Air Review     Aerocool Strike-X Air Review  

Aerocool Strike-X Air Review     Aerocool Strike-X Air Review  


The front I/O panel sporting 1xUSB3, 3xUSB2 and a brace of HD audio sockets is a situated off to the Right hand side of the case, but sitting centrally to the motherboard area.  The power and reset switches can be found off to the right of the front I/O.  Above the front I/O area looms the main case cooling fan.  A huge mesh panel supporting a red bladed red LED 200mm fan, the panel's angle can be altered, enabling it to be swung open completely for access, held horizontal , or closed up completely for maximum cooling impact. 

Aerocool Strike-X Air Review     Aerocool Strike-X Air Review  


While on the subject of the cooling panel I think it's fair to point out this is perhaps the weakest part of the case design.  Not because it's not a good idea, it is, in fact the top fan positively pours down cooling air by the bucket load on the hardware below.  It's because it's structurally weak.  As it's not able to support it's own weight when positioned horizontally Aerocool have fitted a simple strut to the left side in order to provide support, much like you'd have under the bonnet of a car.  The problem arises after a few moments when the right hand side of the cooling panel sags under it's own weight somewhat spoiling the aesthetics. 

Aerocool Strike-X Air Review     Aerocool Strike-X Air Review  

Unfortunately the problems with the panel don't end there.  With the panel fully closed the ribs down each of the flanks don't quite seem to line up with the grooves in the front panel, causing it to not quite close.  Either it's a little too big to line up with the grooves or it's way too small to make it to the edges of the rebate.  Just looks wrong.

Aerocool Strike-X Air Review     Aerocool Strike-X Air Review  


Moving round the back things improve.  With no less than 10 expansion slots the rear hints at the X-Strikes ability to swallow big motherboards.  The case also offers a not towards watercooling with 4 grommeted tubing holes and some mounting holes for a 120mm rad on the bar above.  Off to the right we find the PSU port and the rear of the drive bay area.

Aerocool Strike-X Air Review     Aerocool Strike-X Air Review  


Flipping the case over to see the underneath we get to look at the rear of the motherboard area.  I have to admit when I first flipped the case over I couldn't help thinking how much of a pain it might be to build into the case if this was the only way to access the rear of the Motherboard.  With 6 large grommeted cable management holes, and a total of 14 cable tie mounts though there should certainly be ample opportunity to do a decent tidy job.  the image below right shows a close up of the PSU vented area which although meshed does not have a filter, and the large non gormmeted hole by which the cables leave the PSU before travelling behind the Motherboard. 

Aerocool Strike-X Air Review     Aerocool Strike-X Air Review  

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Most Recent Comments

23-07-2012, 14:50:25

Hey, can i get a Corsair H100 or a Phanteks PH TC14PE whit a closed cover? Or can a H100 be installed?Quote

24-07-2012, 00:24:25

thanks GDUB... when TTL introduced it at the show, it was a different something, just couldnt
wrap my head around it. but now, that you've shed a light on it, (or as well as you could be
cause of how large it was) it is different in a different way.

it doesn't look portible for a LAN case. it supports water cooling (grommets in the bulkhead) but
where to mount a radiator(s)? again, great review. told me what i need to know and how my
open benches are important without worrying about the top blowing off! LOL...


24-07-2012, 07:56:07

@ Danzle. If you read the review you'll see I do mention that there is 230mm of space with the lid in the horizontal position so yes the 171mm tall phantek wil fit. With the lid fully closed however I doubt it. H100 wise, there are mounting holes on the bar that runs above the PCI rear I?O area for attaching a rad, however if you went for a 120.2 like the H100 you're going to have to think hard about where your PCI cables exit etc so's you don't go and obstruct them with the rad.

@ Airdeano. Please see above re rad mounting holes and page 2 para5 of the review.Quote

20-11-2012, 00:03:17

Almost PERFECT! Except for this one : it might slower you SATA III 6Gbit/s transfer rate. also don't know either it using SATA Revision 3.1 or not.. wasting on my SSD Quote

20-11-2012, 06:20:41

I decited to go for this one (in regards to my Folding/Bench table thread),
seems to have all the things i need and pretty cheap as well,

Thanks for the review Gary Wain (bit late)

Greetings, Ray......Quote

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