Zowie Hammer USB Headset


Compromise can be both a good thing and a bad thing. If something is made with a specific task in mind, in a 'no compromise' way, then it truly can rise above and become something fantastic. Alternatively if something has to be compromised to fit into budget or time constraints then the wheels can quickly come off.
The Zowie Hammer USB is definitely a no compromise gaming headset. It doesn't make concessions to movie fans, music lovers or, well anyone, in its quest to be the clearest communication headset available.
What it does excel at it certainly does. If you need a headset that is purely for games, and have other headsets or speakers for movie/music use, then this is very good. If all you need is something for VOIP then this is fantastic. Should you be the type of person who finds Motown music to be too bassy and longs for fantastic mids and the kind of high's that make dogs cover their ears, then these are also for you. There is enough bass for my liking certainly, but others who've passed through the OC3D bunker reported they'd have liked to see a vast improvement in the low-end.
Unfortunately games tend to be like movies. Lots of thumping bass in explosions, tyre screeches, cut scenes. Generally everything you'd expect in most media types. While a lot of modern music hasn't got the same catchy nature as the classics from our youth, nonetheless music is an integral part of a gaming experience and the Zowie Hammer is found wanting because of the lack of bass that is quite noticeable in exactly the type of team games that such a headset as this excels at.
Zowie have certainly designed these without compromise. They are brilliant in the midrange, fantastic at voice clarity and although enough bass for some people, if you really like a lot of punch you'll be quite disappointed. It's a true "gaming headset" and whilst it's easy to recommend for that purpose it's definitely not something to replace your entire audio output with if you use your PC for multimedia as well as gaming.
One of the most important factors is comfort. Here they are almost without equal. They are so light, and so comfortable, that even after a marathon all-day session at no point did the need arise to take them off and give my ears a bit of freedom. If we reviewed solely based upon comfort, these would be 10/10 without question.
But we don't review solely based upon comfort. The Zowie Hammer is great for the market it's aimed at. Comfortable, able to hit huge volumes without distortion and some of the clearest midrange we've heard. More oomph in the low-end and a little less of the high-frequencies and these would be epic. As it is they're merely good.
Amazingly comfortable
Crystal clear mid-range
Great Microphone clarity
Highs are a little harsh
Bass is quite weak
Microphone arm is a little too inflexible 
Many thanks to the fine folks at Zowie for giving us these to review. Discuss this in our forums.
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Most Recent Comments

01-01-2010, 17:47:28

subliminal messeging
will this work in ps3 :eyes: i dont kno lol Quote

01-01-2010, 17:50:20

IDK tbh dude, its USB but also has the 2x 3.5mm jack plugs?Quote

01-01-2010, 17:54:30

subliminal messeging
ps3 has 2 usb slots, im not sure but atm im using a bluetooth one. oh well Quote

01-01-2010, 18:38:41

I Hunta x
@ subliminal, The ps3/360 do not alow usb headsets to be used through the onboard usb ports, other than if the headset just needs usb to be powerd like the turtlebeach x1's for examples.

If your using hdmi and your tv alows you could plug it into the audio output on the back (would need an adapter more than likely (red and white jacks) or if your not using hdmi you can get adapters for the red an white jacks to just plug it in via the 3.5mm connector, but with both methods there would still be a problem if your looking to use the headset to talk online aswell, as if im correct the ps3 controllers dont have mic inputs on them?? so an addapter wouldnt work like it can for the 360.

Back to the review:

Seems like a nice headset, but one question, how can the price be 6/10 if there isnt one yet? shouldnt it be NA?Quote

02-01-2010, 08:40:43

subliminal messeging
Ok i am using a computer screen anyway ( i use a HDMI to Dvi - and for audio i use The red and white audio sockets and then i have an RCA to 3.5 mm audio female to female Jack - that i just plug headphones in lol).Quote

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