Zowie Hammer USB Headset

Closer Look

Closer Look
If first impressions are anything to go by, then the money saved on packaging definitely has gone towards the headset itself. Sturdy doesn't begin to cover it. Thankfully this high build quality hasn't come at a hugely weighty cost. The headset is fabulously light which is fantastic, especially for those long sessions. Nothing worse than finding your ears have died or your neck is aching just at the important part. I'm not too convinced about the large logo. Doesn't seem in keeping with the simple nature of the rest of the headset.
Headphones  Phones 2
The microphone is definitely a serious piece of kit. If you ever wanted to play at being an Air-Traffic Controller, or pretend it's the early 90s and you're a Superstar DJ, then this is definitely the headset to do it with. The LAN-Party design shines strongly here and I'm in no doubt you could stand on them, run your chair over them, whatever, and they'd easily take the abuse.
Mic  Mic other side
On the left is the USB adaptor for this particular variant of the Zowie Hammer headset. By putting the soundcard side in such a portable format it helps those who have rubbish on-board sound, and also ensures that you get a consistent sound quality no matter where you take them. On the right is the in-line volume and microphone control that is available with both the standard and USB versions. A definite boon by ensuring that you can quickly adjust the volume, or mute your microphone for those moments when real-life intervenes.
Inline cable  Volume close
Zowie provide two extras in the box, and both of them are welcome additions. The first is a 2m extension cable and this is an excellent piece of thinking. If you have front audio ports then there is nothing worse than having tons of cable you don't need cluttering up the place. Alternatively, if your PC is a reasonable distance from your monitor, then it's great to be able to use the main ports on your PC and still have plenty of cable to make sure you can game as comfortably as possible.
Secondly Zowie provide two choices of ear covers. A leather pair that are currently fitted in our shots, and the sponge type we're all familiar with. Both of these are supremely comfortable, although whilst Zowie recommend the leather ones for movie and music use and the sponge for gaming, neither make a marked difference in quality as you'll see on the next page.
Cable and covers
Time to plug these puppies in and see how they perform.
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Most Recent Comments

01-01-2010, 17:47:28

subliminal messeging
will this work in ps3 :eyes: i dont kno lol Quote

01-01-2010, 17:50:20

IDK tbh dude, its USB but also has the 2x 3.5mm jack plugs?Quote

01-01-2010, 17:54:30

subliminal messeging
ps3 has 2 usb slots, im not sure but atm im using a bluetooth one. oh well Quote

01-01-2010, 18:38:41

I Hunta x
@ subliminal, The ps3/360 do not alow usb headsets to be used through the onboard usb ports, other than if the headset just needs usb to be powerd like the turtlebeach x1's for examples.

If your using hdmi and your tv alows you could plug it into the audio output on the back (would need an adapter more than likely (red and white jacks) or if your not using hdmi you can get adapters for the red an white jacks to just plug it in via the 3.5mm connector, but with both methods there would still be a problem if your looking to use the headset to talk online aswell, as if im correct the ps3 controllers dont have mic inputs on them?? so an addapter wouldnt work like it can for the 360.

Back to the review:

Seems like a nice headset, but one question, how can the price be 6/10 if there isnt one yet? shouldnt it be NA?Quote

02-01-2010, 08:40:43

subliminal messeging
Ok i am using a computer screen anyway ( i use a HDMI to Dvi - and for audio i use The red and white audio sockets and then i have an RCA to 3.5 mm audio female to female Jack - that i just plug headphones in lol).Quote

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