XPG Emix H30 and SoloX A30 Headset Review


XPG Emix H30 and SoloX A30 Headset Review


Whenever a manufacturer steps away from the products that make up their metier and into a world that already has some major players then there is a tendency to be a little nervous for them. After all, companies such as Steelseries, Roccat and Razer have long since staked out their claim on the gaming headset market and that's before we get into big companies that joined the fray such as Corsair and ASUS. All of that is without mentioning the companies that already have a hand in the headset market primarily as audio manufacturers.

So have XPG taken the route of quietly sneaking in with a bargain model to quietly stake out some ground, or leapt in with a premium option to make a big splash?

The truth, as it so often is, is somewhere in between. The Emix H30 and SoloX A30 combination aren't the most affordable option around but then the inclusion of a USB amplifier always increases the price. What has kept the price from soaring into untenable levels is the decision to use high quality plastics in almost everything but the drivers and headband. i.e they've spent the money where it matters.

The USB 7.1 virtual amplifier part fits nicely onto the stand, although doesn't lock in place so much as just sit on a protrusion that keeps it in place. With it being raised off the desk it shouldn't get lost amongst the detritus that usually accumulates on a working desk. The buttons activate crisply, the display is bright enough to see without entering into "someone has positioned a lighthouse in my view" territory. The volume dial is particularly nice being the infinite sweep type and nice and smooth in its action.

Headset aesthetics are very much on the chunky side. The ear pieces are as wide as we can recall on any headset, and yet with careful material choice it remains both light and comfortable. Speaking of light the sides light up red when the headset is powered. Not a massive issue if red isn't your thing as, of course, you're wearing is so can't see, plus RGB would - again - bump the price up and when you're trying to gain a foothold into a competitive market then price is your enemy unless you're Pagani. The suspended headband helps keep the weight evenly distributed so you can wear them for long stretches without ever finding yourself fatigued.

Sound quality is what a headset lives and dies by, and we're pleased to report that the Emix H30 not only sounds great but has got a really punchy sound without ever straying into bass dominant territory which can sometimes plague companies first efforts. I don't know if this review will go up before or after the Roccat Khan Pro, I just write them all I'm not in control of the order they go live, but in comparison to the rather vanilla soundscapes of the Khan Pro the XPGs were a revelation in wide spectrum pumping audio. The bass is tight and punchy, mids soar, highs are crystal clear without being tinny. The decision to put 53mm drivers in the H30 is a wise one and the extra depth of the big ear pieces give the audio room to breathe without sounding like it's coming from down the hall. Gunfire is almost percussive, explosions suitably disorientating and dialogue clearly discernable from the background music. In short, you'll be stunned at how good the XPG Emix H30 sounds.

If there are any negatives they are just a matter of the plastics - and the headband in particular - looking a bit cheap. Also the headset doesn't press tightly to your head so the natural audio-leakage you get from an open backed design is exacerbated. This isn't the headset to wear if you plan on watching something you'd rather that other people in the same room couldn't hear.

Otherwise the Emix H30 and SoloX A30 is a very capable first effort under the XPG brand from ADATA and worth serious consideration if you want to step slightly outside of the regular brand names whilst retaining something that sounds so good you don't mind the rather retro stylings.

XPG Emix H30 and SoloX A30 Headset Review  

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