Vertagear SL4000 Gaming Chair Review


Vertagear SL4000 Review


If you're into racing games or are perhaps just looking for a new chair and want something that looks a bit different then the Vertagear S-Line SL4000 definitely has something to offer you.  With a Steel frame and High density foam support material covered in PVC leather the SL4000 is a sturdy and hard wearing beast.  It’s available in five colours so if you don't like the White we have for review then either the Red, Green or Blue may appeal to you, and if not, well then there's always good old traditional Black.

As the chair arrives flat packed in what is one of the largest boxes we've ever had to open prior to a review, you're going to need to put it together first.  The instructions (yes we used them) are predominantly picture based but easy enough to follow, with the whole build process taking in the region of half an hour.  Our one word of advice though is to seek assistance when attaching the squab to the base as it's a fiddly and demanding job, requiring strength, precision and dexterity to line everything up and hold it in place while fumbling for the start on a bolt thread into a hole that you can't see into.  The only other real issue we had during the build process was that a few of the bolt bracket slots didn't line up with their threads quite as exactly as we would have liked.  In the end we managed to get everything sorted, but it did require a few dismantles and re fits to get it all to go together.

Once assembled the SL4000 offers the sort of adjustment options usually only seen on high end operator and exec level chairs.  As you would expect, the chair can be raised or lowered via the gas piston system.  It can also be tilted, with an adjustable tension tailoring the force required to recline to your personal preference.  The angle of the squab can also be adjusted via a lever located down the right hand side when seated, however, as this is spring loaded we would advise you to apply a degree of pressure to the squab before releasing the lever.  The force isn't quite enough to have you eating your knee caps, but it's probably sufficient to perform a passable Heimlich manoeuvre on you should you need it to.  The arms of the SL4000 are also adjustable in more ways than you can possibly imagine, and certainly more ways than we can cover in the conclusion.  Suffice to say you can put them at whatever height, rake, angle and depth you so desire.

In use we found the SL4000 to be a very firm but comfortable chair.  The addition of the lumbar support and neck/head rest adding that last little bit of comfort.  Our only real criticism is that although the squab lateral supports add to the comfort of the chair, the lateral supports on the base can be a bit restrictive, especially for those with a larger frame.  OK, in a performance car it's essential that your legs are supported laterally to stop them flailing around as you corner at high G loads, but in a PC chair this level of firm support is really not that necessary.  If you're of a lesser frame then this won't be a problem for you, but if you're a big chap then it's going to feel very restrictive very quickly.

All in all we think that the Vertagear SL4000 is a cracking chair for the money. You might think £214 is a lot to pay for a chair, but believe us when we say it isn't.  Just work out how much time you spend in it, and how long it’s going to last you and you’ll realise that £214 isn’’t that bad at all.  Yes you can get chairs cheaper, but you really do get what you pay for, and to our minds, the SL40000 is great value for money, and if your pockets aren't quite as deep as you'd like them to be then there's always the SL2000 series.

In summary, we have no problem at all in awarding the SL4000 a gold award and, in recognition of its racing pedigree, the much coveted Gamers Choice award.  


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Most Recent Comments

23-09-2015, 20:21:01

Nice chair, some of the adjustments remind me a lot of the Herman Miller Mirra Chair.
The black and white color scheme = win!Quote

24-09-2015, 14:55:55

The big test on chairs for me is the bum foam. Every time I have ever had to buy a new chair was because over time the bum foam goes and you end up sitting on a piece of plywood or a sheet of hard plastic.

Bummer, literally. I've spent £250 on a cream leather chair and the bum foam went after a year.

Now? I'm sick of buying chairs and thinking that higher prices equal higher quality bum foam.

I bought a Herman Miller around a year ago and I can safely say that the bum foam is still every bit as good as it was the day I bought it.

So the true test of a chair for me isn't when it's new and I would therefore avoid chairs like this one in the review, especially when for exactly the they same price I could buy a genuine Sparco race seat ready mounted to an office chair base.

Another huge test with chairs is the hydraulic strut and again, they never have issues when new only over time. Sitting in your chair slowly watching your desk get bigger actually sucks ballsQuote

24-09-2015, 15:06:49

I'm clearly a child, "Bum foam" made me chuckle on more than on occasion!

As for the hydraulic lift, i have replaced the one on my chair twice over the last 3 years, just about to buy another one!Quote

24-09-2015, 15:19:27

Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post

I could buy a genuine Sparco race seat ready mounted to an office chair base.
now THAT gives me some ideas!Quote

24-09-2015, 18:31:20

Originally Posted by CreatiXx View Post
now THAT gives me some ideas!
I did this when I changed the seats in my Esprit .


Over time though I found it less and less comfortable. The seat was fine in the car, reclined and tootling along, but not ideal for sat in front of a computer. Scrapped the idea and now use a generic Ikea chair.

I like the idea of these type of gaming chairs and would like to try one, but it's an expensive test if I ended up not liking it.Quote

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