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 The AACC Alien Audio Control Center


I'm sure many would wonder why we have chosen to feature this build. At OC3D we support all our members in all their endeavours. In fact, my personal favourite builds are the ones that are different and show passion in their work to show individuality.

AlienALX has managed to bring two worlds together. The use of automotive audio solutions and PC parts has shown how something different can be the break that everyone needs for that bit of inspiration to break from the norm and try their hand at making something unique and unexpected.

It is the attention to detail that really stood out for me. The braiding on all the cables in a case that you just won't see inside, goes a great deal to show the dedication and pride in his work.

 The AACC Alien Audio Control Center

The AACC Alien Audio Control Center


The custom IO panel, not only the functional aspect, but the time taken to label each output.  It is all these little touches that really make me realise that the quality and thought that went into the work has been above and beyond expectations.  I for one know how easy it is to skip corners or think that the extra time for the little things are not really needed.  After this build, I think I personally will be paying more attention to the little things that make the big differences.

 The AACC Alien Audio Control Center

The AACC Alien Audio Control Center


AlienALX deserves all the praise he has received on this build. The time and dedication shown in this build is what we all aim for, as it is often all too easy to skip a few bits here and there. Especially if they won't be seen.

What I also find inspiring about this build is that all of this was achieved at home and in a short amount of time. All the wiring is done to a high standard, no off the shelf solutions for any aspect of the build that would make most people shy away from creating something similar.

To finish, there is one part of this build that I must admit taught me something new.  When it came to adding red custom bolts to hold the acrylic into place, I honestly wondered how this would be achieved.  Normally you would drill the hole for the bolt and use a tap to create a thread for the bolts to screw into.  Now anyone who has done this can attest that it can be a time consuming job.  So here is a way of achieving a similar effect without the time consuming aspect of tapping the holes.  By using a soldering iron to start a hole, then using the iron to melt the screw into the acrylic.  Once set, unscrewing the bolt from the hole created will leave a perfectly usable thread.  

 The AACC Alien Audio Control Center

The AACC Alien Audio Control Center


Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't recommend this method for anything that will likely be removed on a regular basis.  For that there is no replacement for something correctly tapped.  But for a quick and easy fix for anything being attached and staying there, I for one will certainly give this a go. 

You can find all the details of this unique build on the OC3D forum HERE.

You will be able to follow the entire build process and hopefully get some inspiration to try and create something different and unique yourself.

Well done AlienALX! We would love to see your build or mod on the forums and we will be taking selected highlights from our awesome members logs to be featuring on the front page as a regular feature now so keep your eyes peeled for more!

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Most Recent Comments

20-08-2016, 06:56:13

And the first arrivals.

Sadly all was not well. Look where I have peeled up the corner. That's bloody clear not red !!

20-08-2016, 07:50:06

Balls ! just looked at the back of my TV and no AV or SCART inputs at all. Bad news.. So I have ordered this lol.

And this.

I will split the video signal so that I get AV component out and now HDMI also. I will need to power it though, so not made my mind up on how to do that yet (I will either use a phone charger or some sort of 5v USB signal from the PSU).Quote

20-08-2016, 09:31:32

Interesting idea.

What are your plans for power, i.e are you planning to have the PSU on 24/7?

If not, what do you plan to do with the 12v constant on the stereo to keep all presets?Quote

20-08-2016, 11:39:17

Originally Posted by Kilbane View Post
Interesting idea.

What are your plans for power, i.e are you planning to have the PSU on 24/7?

If not, what do you plan to do with the 12v constant on the stereo to keep all presets?
It will be left on 24/7 yes. Well, the power source will be unless I decide to move it

The head unit and rear fan will be switched off when it's not in use. I will probably run the fan in the back from the AMP REM cable.Quote

20-08-2016, 20:49:36

Now this one is going to be interesting and totally different will be watching keenly to see end resultQuote

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