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Sometimes we all see something that is different enough to warrant a mention. Recently I had seen just such a thing.

As part of the OC3D community, we get to see some amazing builds, from simple yet beautiful builds through to amazing pieces of art.  I for one can spend many hours looking through the project log section of the OC3D community (Found here), where all these things exist.  But once in a while something is different, built with passion and captures the essence of what modding is all about.  

The build that caught my eye was by one of our OC3D regulars.

The build in question is "The AACC Alien Audio Control Center" (sic) by long time OC3D member AlienALX.

 The AACC Alien Audio Control Center

The AACC Alien Audio Control Center


First off, lets address the elephant in the room, it's not a PC!

Not everything we have on OC3D is a PC, looking through the project logs, you will find all sorts of hidden gems showcasing the talents of our members.  More often than not, the strange 'out of place' builds will gather a following above that of just another more standard PC build.  It's all about the differences in modding that make something stand out and get people coming back for more.

It is these sort of builds that make me want to feature them, give them a place in the world for others to come and get inspired by the non standard design, or the attempts at breaking away from the norm.

I would like to think that this build can inspire others to go out there and make something unique. The modding ethos here at OC3D is more than building a PC that will play the latest AAA titles and decimate the benchmark scoreboards. Yes, those things are always good to see, but this build is about fulfilling a function different to that of the typical builds we normally see.

AlienALX found himself wanting a audio system, something that would play all common file types, while at the same time fitting in with the PC aesthetic that we all love.  So let's take a look at "The AACC Alien Audio Control Center" ...

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Most Recent Comments

20-08-2016, 06:56:13

And the first arrivals.

Sadly all was not well. Look where I have peeled up the corner. That's bloody clear not red !!

20-08-2016, 07:50:06

Balls ! just looked at the back of my TV and no AV or SCART inputs at all. Bad news.. So I have ordered this lol.

And this.

I will split the video signal so that I get AV component out and now HDMI also. I will need to power it though, so not made my mind up on how to do that yet (I will either use a phone charger or some sort of 5v USB signal from the PSU).Quote

20-08-2016, 09:31:32

Interesting idea.

What are your plans for power, i.e are you planning to have the PSU on 24/7?

If not, what do you plan to do with the 12v constant on the stereo to keep all presets?Quote

20-08-2016, 11:39:17

Originally Posted by Kilbane View Post
Interesting idea.

What are your plans for power, i.e are you planning to have the PSU on 24/7?

If not, what do you plan to do with the 12v constant on the stereo to keep all presets?
It will be left on 24/7 yes. Well, the power source will be unless I decide to move it

The head unit and rear fan will be switched off when it's not in use. I will probably run the fan in the back from the AMP REM cable.Quote

20-08-2016, 20:49:36

Now this one is going to be interesting and totally different will be watching keenly to see end resultQuote

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