SteelSound 5H V2

Niggles..and major ones

Bad Points

On this page I will cover the negative points I have come across while using the headset.

Tinny Sound Quality

Due to the distance put between the users ear and the speakers by the padding on the cups, the sound comes across as quite tinny and quiet. The same as when a good pair of earphones are held a few inches from the ear.

In game this reduced the feel of immersion and I felt not able to be as involed in the gaming experience as I should have been. This is in comparison with the headset I am personally used to and so is likely to be a lot more noticeable to me.

When it came to testing with MP3 players, both the Creative Zen Micro and Sony players managed to distort the headset at medium volume whereas the HiFi became what I would call unpleasant at about one third of its output volume.

WMP screenshot

Poor Feel

The plastic used to make the 5H v2's is particularly lightweight. While this has several upsides, it also makes the overall feel of quality suffer. Largely because it gives the impression that the construction is largely hollow.

A the build quality also took a second knock in the form of a loose cup extender ( the retracting system that adjusts the size of the headset). This meant that every time I would pick up the headset the left cup would lose its positioning. In fact the slider was so lose that a slight tap would cause the cup to fully extend from its lowest setting, while the right cup holds in place fine. Not a problem in terms of performance but not exactly a sign of quality.


Another major letdown in quality with this headset was a crackle in the left speaker. This was not permanently noticeable but was of huge annoyance with quiet or low sounds such as distant explosions in games.

Some tracks on the MP3 players used, particularly bassy and songs with quiet intros highlighted this a fair bit clearer than in-game audio.

CSS screenshot

Poor Bass

The bass output of the headset was not exactly at the level I would prefer, in fact, it was pretty low. Nor was the quality fantastic; above half volume and the bass would distort a fair bit. This coupled with the distance added by the padding on the cups basically made the bass non-existent in both music and games.

So that's what the 5H headset has going against it, but which points are the most prominent ....
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Most Recent Comments

05-02-2007, 11:21:53


'Llwyd Jones'

Good job none the less.Quote

05-02-2007, 11:30:55

Originally Posted by name='Ham'

'Llwyd Jones'

Good job none the less.
Mefinks Jim got Llwyd's name wrong Quote

05-02-2007, 11:45:48

Originally Posted by name='Kempez'
Mefinks Jim got Llwyd's name wrong
I got it close tho. In my defence tho, I did get it right when AMD asked for it today Quote

05-02-2007, 11:55:01

Nice review Im happy with my medusas Quote

05-02-2007, 12:03:24

yeah the medusas bass is fantastic and the 5.1 is just great , before i had the medusa i had some cheap stereo but it was a great improvement , yeah the medusas are a bit heavy but i dont mine themQuote

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