nobelchairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair Review

Final Thoughts

nobelchairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair Review

Final Thoughts

In all it's glory, it's a bonny thing. Even having to stop constantly through the build to take photographs and make notes, it still took way less time than many other chairs we've built in our lives, and throughout the process the quality shone through like a beacon.

nobelchairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair Review     nobelchairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair Review  

Given the tone throughout this review it wont surprise you in the least to discover that we adore this chair. Sometimes stuff is expensive but doesn't feel worth the money. Sometimes it's worth the money but a complete faff to get up and running with. It's difficult to think of an accurate simile for the ease of building the nobelchairs Epic given it's relative pricing and performance, but we think perhaps the closest would be the jaw-dropping fabulousness of a four SSD RAID 0 array, with the user-friendliness of a USB thumb drive. Four screws to put the tilt mechanism on the base, four more to attach the back to the base, two to cover it up, jobs a goodun.

The uncompromising quality of the materials bestrides our build experience like a colossus. Everything is unbelievably solid. The steel frame and high density foam combine with careful shaping and thick, soft, leather to produce something which is more pleasant to sit in than it is to look at, and we love looking at it. The black, white and red model is good if you want a splash of colour but we like the classy tones of the all-black leather with the gold nobelchairs logo stitching. The diamond pattern is a work of art with an extremely dense stitch-per-inch ratio which is replicated throughout the Epic. There is not a fraction too much leather nor too little. It doesn't feel like it's been built down to a price, but neither does it feel like it's built with any tolerance for poor workmanship. There is a slight stereotype about the German school of design that it's rather stiff-collared, but this has plenty of flair without being showy, yet still has all the immense attention to detail and solidity that one would hope to find from German Engineering. Vorsprung durch Technik indeed.

It's tempting to say that the adjustable nature of the nobelchairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair is the star of the show, except that all elements from the packaging to the comfort are stars. However, we've never met a chair that wasn't improved by excellent ergonomics and the Epic is replete with adjustable offerings from the height and tilt mechanism that you're probably more familiar with, to the 45° of reclining and the height, width and length adjustable arms. You're certain to find a position that fits your body shape. Even with something as simple as height the nobelchairs Epic goes above and beyond, going from the very low to the highest chair we've ever sat in. The reclining feature isn't a "notch" affair either. If you want 13°, you can have 13°. Or however much makes you happy.

At this point there might be some of you that still think that £440 is a lot to pay for a chair. We'd counter that we've cumulatively spent far more on various chairs that barely lasted a year of heavy use, and they weren't made of steel and real leather. It is ludicrously easy to assemble with the majority of the work done for you and the small bit you need to do being simply explained in the instructions and even easier in actuality. No "insert flap A into Slot Z making sure to rotate your flange" here. The stitching is practically flawless, the leather a gorgeous grain and well designed to curve wonderfully around that high density foam. This is a chair designed for long term use and, whilst initially firm, it quickly adapts to your shape and provides support in every area. Gliding smoothly across hard floors and carpet alike, it truly is the one and only chair you need. The rapid adjustments mean that two people of completely different body shapes can share it and yet both be equally comfortable.

Luxury is a word oft-bandied about by manufacturers hawking their wares, but in the case of the nobelchairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair it seems scarcely adequate to express the impeccable design and build quality you'll discover. Available in black with a variety of colour accents, and in a vegan friendly faux leather should you choose, the Epic range is the premium chair on the market. Why spend thousands on a gaming system only to play it in discomfort when you can have something that lets you focus on the action on screen rather than the agony in your back. We've rarely come across something so utterly beyond reproach and it easily wins our OC3D Enthusiast Award.

nobelchairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair Review  

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Most Recent Comments

16-05-2016, 06:32:42

Way too short arm rests and seat base. For me anyway. Quote

16-05-2016, 06:35:06

After 100 emails and facebook posts about this chair from overclockers i feel like i own 2 of them..Quote

16-05-2016, 06:55:04

Originally Posted by Kyiagi View Post
After 100 emails and facebook posts about this chair from overclockers i feel like i own 2 of them..
That would be because noblechairs is a subsidiary/child company/colab between Overclockers and another etailer, CaseKing. They're pushing it a little too hard if you ask me, using their own store to launch their own product pretty heavily... but that's just an opinion..Quote

16-05-2016, 11:03:12

Would be great to see some comparison to chairs already on the market like , ak racing, dx racer, gt omega and such. Very happy with my own dx racer king series chair.Quote

16-05-2016, 17:25:40

I have a vertigear L2000 for almost 2 months now and I love it, maybe I should do a review on itQuote

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