Logitech Z-5500 Digital Speaker System

Sound Quality

Sound Quality :

WOW! This system is LOUD and has NO distortion at levels so high I can't go any further because my eardrums are pounding so hard. The high's are crisp, the mids are loud and distortion free, and the bass... oh the bass This thing delivers more bass than anything imaginable in PC speaker setup. It rattles all of the walls and can be heard pounding half a block away when it's cranked up to "annoy the neighbors" mode. In game, the sounds are so surreal! It makes you feel like you're sitting right in the middle of the action, every footstep and gunshot is pronounced perfectly from whatever direction it occured. Gunfire is enough to make u crap yourself, the sub is just perfect for ultra-realistic gunfire. I LOVE IT!

There's not a single thing I don't like about the entire setup. I could have had a small small bone to pick with the speaker wire issue, but Logitech fixed it already, That's what I call service.

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Most Recent Comments

23-11-2005, 17:14:17

maybe u can kill me in cs now frag

ow do they compare to a good set of hedphones?Quote

23-11-2005, 17:49:49

Originally Posted by Dav0s
maybe u can kill me in cs now frag

ow do they compare to a good set of hedphones?
TBH Dave it's kind of hard to compare headphones to speakers. My personal preference is speakers over headphones, many people are biased towards headphones. I just don't like having anything bother my head while I'm playing. I like cranking up the speakers and immersing myself that way.

I think it's all personal preference tbh.Quote

23-11-2005, 18:10:41

What can I say Frag??? <- - if this smily had a wheelchair, I'd be a dribbling spaz..... no offense to spaz's, but jesus wept on the cross for christiandom, this setup is 1337 as f00k!!

Excellent review Frag, appreciate the time you've put into this mate, wicked pictures and simply nicely done and layed out... That is one HUGE setup!!

Everything looks in place and very shiny, and no distortion at levels your ears can bear is immense, I know you have a setup of Technics mate, and if your anything like me, you've beaten the out of your eardrums over the years, so I expect you can listen louder than your average virginal eared person...

Love the remote.... I know what speakers I'm getting next for my 5.1 for PC, I have the Creative 5100 series currently attached to my xbox, so these are next on the list

Perhaps this is some comeback on your underclocking Opty??

If I could rep you I would big time , ps - Logitech :0wned: everything else on the market!!!Quote

23-11-2005, 18:18:36

Thx for the props mate, these speakers are indeed teh 133333337ness!

I can't imagine how awesome they will sound once my new card gets here Quote

23-11-2005, 19:08:00

WC Annihilus
Damn those speakers look nice!

I prefer headphones just because I don't want my parents to be yelling at me for having loud shooting and swearing blaring by the kitchen. Also makes good for playing at bout 3 AM without them knowing .Quote

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