Logitech Z-5500 Digital Speaker System

Setup & Function

Setup & Function:

Right out of the box this speaker setup is very easy to put together and install. It took me maybe tops 15-20 minutes to pull out my old system, untangle all of the old wires, and put the new system in place. All of the plugins and cables are clearly marked showing what's what. Logitech also includes enough speaker wire to be able to string your satellites up to 25 feet away, that's a pretty decent amount of wiring for each speaker. This means you won't be stuck running out to the store to buy more speaker wire unless you're trying to hook these babies up in your main family / A/V room.

Something I was VERY surprised at was the style of cable terminals my system came with to hook up the satellites to the amp (built-in to the subwoofers enclosure). After reading numerous good/bad reviews for this speaker setup, the #1 complaint was the use of RCA style input cables on the subwoofer end and standard dual +/- on the speaker end. This means the only way to extend the wires if need be is to cut them and splice them, very ghetto and tacky. Much to my dismay, my system has standard +/- wiring on BOTH ends Makes me love Logitech even more, because they LISTEN to customer complaints and fix the problem ASAP. Good work yet again Logi, still impressing the hell out of me so far!

Here's a picture of what the original Z-5500 sub connection panel looked like:

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Here's a picture of what mine looks like:

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This particular setup is a full digital setup if you hadn't already guessed. Logitech has included an awesome breakout box for volume control, input selection, speaker levels, etc. On the back of this fancy backlit box with weighted control knob you will find all of its audio inputs. It features audio input via direct analog cables (what i'm using until my Bluegears HDA card comes in), digital coaxial, and digital optical. It's got an input for anything you want to throw at it, along with a spare inputs on the side of it for hooking up a portable cd player, etc. Right next to the aux input is also a headphone jack, good for us late night gamers that don't want to wake the neighbors with the sound of gunfire.

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The subwoofer included in this package is among the biggest available in other 5.1 / 7.1 setups. It features a 10" high excursion woofer in a hand tuned ported enclosure which makes it BEAT to high heaven. This sub is so big it actually wouldn't fit under my desk where my Klipsch used to be, I had to put it behind my desk! Compared to my old Klipsch sub, this thing is about twice its size, and the Klipsch pounded! Mounted to the back of this badboy is an oversized heatsink with large fins to dissipate all of the heat that it generates when your blasting the tunes or watching a good action movie.

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Most Recent Comments

23-11-2005, 17:14:17

maybe u can kill me in cs now frag

ow do they compare to a good set of hedphones?Quote

23-11-2005, 17:49:49

Originally Posted by Dav0s
maybe u can kill me in cs now frag

ow do they compare to a good set of hedphones?
TBH Dave it's kind of hard to compare headphones to speakers. My personal preference is speakers over headphones, many people are biased towards headphones. I just don't like having anything bother my head while I'm playing. I like cranking up the speakers and immersing myself that way.

I think it's all personal preference tbh.Quote

23-11-2005, 18:10:41

What can I say Frag??? <- - if this smily had a wheelchair, I'd be a dribbling spaz..... no offense to spaz's, but jesus wept on the cross for christiandom, this setup is 1337 as f00k!!

Excellent review Frag, appreciate the time you've put into this mate, wicked pictures and simply nicely done and layed out... That is one HUGE setup!!

Everything looks in place and very shiny, and no distortion at levels your ears can bear is immense, I know you have a setup of Technics mate, and if your anything like me, you've beaten the out of your eardrums over the years, so I expect you can listen louder than your average virginal eared person...

Love the remote.... I know what speakers I'm getting next for my 5.1 for PC, I have the Creative 5100 series currently attached to my xbox, so these are next on the list

Perhaps this is some comeback on your underclocking Opty??

If I could rep you I would big time , ps - Logitech :0wned: everything else on the market!!!Quote

23-11-2005, 18:18:36

Thx for the props mate, these speakers are indeed teh 133333337ness!

I can't imagine how awesome they will sound once my new card gets here Quote

23-11-2005, 19:08:00

WC Annihilus
Damn those speakers look nice!

I prefer headphones just because I don't want my parents to be yelling at me for having loud shooting and swearing blaring by the kitchen. Also makes good for playing at bout 3 AM without them knowing .Quote

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