Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Review


Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Review


If you spend any time in the world of PC hardware, or indeed most technology items, you'll have come across the phenomenon wherein manufacturers don't admit that their previous model had a fault, error or undesirable element and instead quietly move it to end of line and bring out a new, differently named, item which fixes the previous issue and pretend it's the best thing since sliced bread. So it's fair to say that when Corsair announced a revised Void headset lineup and admitted the comfort of their previous one wasn't quite as good as they'd hoped in certain areas, whilst also taking the opportunity to beef up the specs and yet keep the price the same, we were surprised. It's not a common thing for a company to do and they deserve praise for recognising an issue and fixing it. c.f Gigabyte's recent motherboards

What makes this adjustment particularly good is that the original Void Pro was hardly uncomfortable to wear. There were a couple of points where the quadrilateral design of the ear pieces placed a little too much, and indeed too little, pressure around your ears but otherwise it was certainly capable of being worn for long periods. The new Void Elite Wireless eliminates even these minor areas and the combination of light weight and huge amounts of memory foam along with a slight tweaking of the angles of the hinges gives a perfectly balanced headset which sits happily upon your head for all sixteen hours of the battery life and then some. With breathable fabric you don't even get the hot ear problem that can occur with the plush leather ear coverings on some headsets. Certainly if you care about comfort then you'll adore the Corsair Void Elite Wireless.

Comfort is all well and good but if the sound is awful you wont want to have it on your head for all those hours. The original Void Pro was a great sounding headset but the new 50mm neodymium drivers in the Void Elite with their 20Hz-30kHz frequency response are an absolute peach. We despair at the number of headsets we test which consider a gaming headset should be one where the bass shakes your fillings loose and everything else is an afterthought. Yes we game with our headsets, but we also talk to friends, or listen to music, watch Netflix, and a whole host of other activities which don't benefit from the bass heavy approach. The Void Elite are tuned in a glorious balance and the broader frequency response breathes new life into things you thought you knew well. It does also highlight if you have a poorer quality recording, but that's not the fault of the headset. Stop using low bitrates people.

The Corsair Void Elite RGB Wireless is comfortable and sounds great. The lighting is up to Corsair's usual high standards and perhaps best of all for a wireless headset the range is excellent with a promised 40 foot range and our testing gave us no room to doubt it as even with internal walls we couldn't go somewhere that didn't keep the sound playing in our ears. Although the 16 hour battery life is a little hopeful if you have bright lighting on we managed 14 hours from a full charge with pretty loud constant sound before it begged us to plug it in. If you just turn it off when you're not using it we're sure it will survive until an overnight charge. What we like most of all is how all this is available for just underneath £100, enough to win the Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless our OC3D Enthusiast Award.

Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Award  

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