Corsair Void 7.1 RGB Headset Review


Corsair Void 7.1 RGB Headset Review


There is a somewhat ridiculous notion that products need to be updated all the time otherwise they stagnate. Anyone who is slave to the fruit-based brand identity will understand that mentality. We're old school enough to believe that if something works then updating it isn't worthwhile. The old "if it ain't broke" idiom. The quality of the fairly recent Corsair peripherals is such that despite the old Vengeance 2000 still being a good headset it did indeed feel somewhat stale in a market saturated with the latest design ideas.

The Void 7.1 RGB headset brings Corsair's audio solutions bang up to date.

The looks are in keeping with modern thinking. Piano black, fully customisable lighting and high quality textures abound. One of the clearest indicators of this is the microphone. What was once a bendy cable with a blob of foam on the end is now a semi-rigid part full of angled edges and multiple textures. The hinges too have been the receipt of some out-of-the-box thinking by incorporating the height adjustment with the hinges themselves. Lighter but stronger. Even allowing for the fact that we have the Wireless model on test their is no obvious weight imbalance either. Whether the batteries are spread between the two ear-pieces or the Void just has a seriously light battery and some counterweights we don't know, but the end result is a headset that is very balanced and comfortable. Helped by the huge amount of padding in both the ear piece surrounds and the headband itself.

Sound quality is very much the star of the event. The Void is exceptional. We blasted it to pieces with a succession of movies, FLACs of a variety of genres and the all-important suit of games. The Void never faltered once. Everything we threw at it was reproduced with searing clarity, whether we were making our head pound with bass that was both low and tight or soaring to highs so glassy that even the dog was impressed. Despite being a closed back design there is a glorious sense of space. Sometimes this can be taken too far with reverb equivalent to a church hall, but the Corsair Void has been carefully tuned until the sense of space is achieved without any of that nasty echoing. 

There is one fly in the ointment, but how much of a deal breaker it is depends entirely upon your intended use for the Void. If you wear headphones because you're in a quiet space, or in a room with other people attempting to do their own thing, then you need to be aware that the Corsair Void leaks so much sound we were worried we'd accidentally plugged our speakers in by mistake. It's not a case of not wanting the person next to you to know what you're listening to, anyone in the same room will. So if that is your main desire then caveat emptor. However, if you wear a headset because you want to communicate in multiplayer games, or just have things loud without waking up the neighbourhood, or even because you prefer the instant pleasure that comes from not spending a month setting up your speakers just so, then the Corsair Void 7.1 Wireless is a spectacular headset. Beautifully designed with fantastic sound quality it has to win our OC3D Gold Award.

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21-09-2015, 13:34:29

Great review, I actually ordered the USB version yesterday, Arrives tomorrow morning

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