Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review

Masterpulse In-Ear Headphones

Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review


When the Masterpulse arrived we were surprised to say the least. Coolermaster are renowned for their high-end, PC-focussed hardware, and yet here is a set of earbuds. It doesn't take even a cursory glance at the Masterpulse though to realise that these are way beyond what you might expect from a set of in-ear headphones, and instead the Coolermaster magic has been worked once again. 

Up Close

The packaging for the Masterpulse is very good. A magnetic cover allows you to view the headphones prior to purchase and the packaging design looks very classy and up to Coolermaster's usual high standards. The rear of the packaging gives a clear indication of how each earbud is built and how the dial on the back, which adjusts the bass, works. You even get a carry case a full selection of different sized rubber caps. So whether you have the ears of a mouse or an elephant you can find a fit that suits you.

Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review     Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review  

Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review     Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review  

Rather than the rounded flimsy cable you might associate with in-ear headphones, the Masterpulse is equipped with a sturdy flat cable, utilising an in-line remote, and a three pole headphone jack to ensure maximum compatibility. With different colours for the left and right earbud you're also freed from peering intently trying to work out which is the left and right. Instead it's obvious at a glance.

Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review     Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review  

On the outside of the earpiece is the Masterpulse party trick. The dial adjusts the bass enhancer, so you can have everything from a neutral profile all the way up to the type of bass that will change your heatbeat. It's not the easiest dial in the world to turn, largely because of its necessarily compact dimensions, but once you've found your personal sweet spot you're not like to change it anyway.

Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review     Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review  


We can't be the only people who've gone through dozens of pairs of ear buds. Whether you've brought cheap ones and found them broken within two minutes, or their tiny size causes you to lose them, friends "borrow" them, or the tiny cable proves as robust and reliable as it is tangle free, our music listening history is littered with the corpses of broken in-ear headphones. Thankfully the Masterpulse manage to solve nearly all those problems whilst providing great sound quality and a cool trick up their sleeve.

Sound quality is where headphones begin and end and the Masterpulse are very good. No matter what we chose to listen to from our eclectic selection of music the Masterpulse rewarded us with a full, rich soundscape. They are slightly tuned towards the lower end of the frequency spectrum, but given how bass is always the first thing to go when you get down to this size of headphone, it is something Coolermaster should be applauded for. The dial on the back of the ear-buds mean that even the heaviest bass-head can be satisfied as there is a noticeable difference between the dial at minimum and maximum. It's almost witchcraft, but if you gnash your teeth at how tinny standard in-ear headphones are you can rest assured that the Masterpulse will satisfy your craving for thumping lows.

The cables are high quality too. Their flat nature means they were far less likely to tangle than the more common round cables, and the coating is thick enough that we don't fear the cable breaking either. With an in-line remote and carry case you're covered whether using them on your PC or portable device of choice. The sound quality is very good and the bass dial, although a little fiddly to adjust with them in situ, isn't just a gimmick but genuinely enhances the bass frequencies without drowning out the higher notes. For combining great build quality with excellent sound the Coolermaster Masterpulse wins our OC3D Approved Award.

Coolermaster Masterpulse Earbud Review 

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