Cooler Master MH752 Headset Review


Cooler Master MH752 Headset Review


Any time a manufacturer lauds their own product as being designed for gamers it usually means that there is a flaw somewhere that the gamers tag is excusing. In the world of headsets mentioning that you've deliberately tuned the audio to have a good bass response definitely sets our radar off. We've listened to far too many flabby bassed offerings that pretend to be well balanced to be anything but on our guard if the manufacturer admits it's bass heavy.

We needn't have worried. The MH752 is definitely a gaming-focussed headset and the audio profile is clearly aimed at giving you that mid-range punch more than it is having a smooth response across the frequency range, but by no means does that mean that the audio is indistinct, nor that the MH752 isn't flexible enough to be able to handle a wide range of inputs and produce something you're happy to listen to. The very idea of tuning the equaliser to better suit gamers has always struck us as an odd thing anyway. After all the needs of Hitman, Forza Horizon, Soul Calibur 6 and Stardew Valley are all extremely different yet all count as games and popular ones at that. What manufacturers really mean when they say "gaming" is Call of Duty, Overwatch, Player Unknown Battlegrounds and the like. Shooters, basically. These require a big punch in the midrange when you're firing off rounds so that the gunplay stands up as exciting. Equally you need a big whomp when an explosion happens, clear pinpointing of the aforementioned to let you kill your enemies before they kill you, and clear enough sound that the cries of your teammates and your own orders are rendered clearly through the hail of bullets.

With the Cooler Master MH752 it not only handles our more cynical opinion of what companies mean by "gaming", but our more hopeful one too. Certainly the audio profile is slightly more attuned towards the lower frequencies in the spectrum, but not at the expense of the others, nor do those sounds get indistinct when a lot is happening. The bass is tight and punchy, the midrange broad, and the highs decent without getting fizzy. If you don't like the default profile then Cooler Master have a small footprint application that lets you tweak the equaliser to bring it more in line with your tastes, although a closed-back headset with 40mm drivers will always have some limitations.

Having recently reviewed a lot of high-end headsets it would be easy to go into our time with the MH752 treating the word gaming somewhat pejoratively, but it has absolutely none of that. It isn't damning with faint praise to say that it is aimed more at the boom ratatatat crowd than those who want to enjoy the finer points of a Chopin etude, but despite it clearly being aimed at a certain audience it isn't exclusionary, with a good overall sound profile that means it's a very well rounded headset. The price is very attractive and the build quality is very good with no squeaks or flimsy bits or scratchy plastics. Indeed the only part of the whole package that gave away its sub-£100 price tag was the inline remote which had that light feel, echoey internals, harsh click thing that most of them do. Again, you'd have to spend a significant amount more money to get into the realms of better quality remotes, and they tend to be largely ignored anyway.

With a fold-flat design, clever cable retaining system and a good sound quality the MH752 is the perfect headset for gamers on the go. A low price point lets you not worry too much about them getting lost or stolen, yet isn't causing you to compromise your aural pleasure. The dual connection type works well in conjunction with the stealthy looks allowing them to be as suitable on the train as they are when racking up high scores, and thus the Cooler Master MH752 wins our OC3D Gamers Choice Award.

Cooler Master MH752 Headset Review  

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