Cooler Master Masterpulse Pro 7.1 Headset Review


Cooler Master Masterpulse Pro 7.1 Headset Review


Normally with a headset we'd start by talking about how good the sound quality is, because after all that's the most important element of any audio device. The design of the Masterpulse Pro is what really stands out for us, and so we're going to start with that.

We've reviewed loads of headsets here at OC3D through the years, with varying levels of build quality. If a headset is ever going to fail it nearly always fails at the hinges. That's just the downside of needing to keep a headset light and adjustable. Cooler Master have utilised a very open, two piece, headband design that is all metal, using the headband itself as the height adjustment in a manner not dissimilar to the Steelseries Siberia. By removing any adjustable elements, and casting the main chassis as a couple of items and using very strong fixings to attach the cups to the main headband, the Masterpulse Pro is possibly the sturdiest headset we've ever seen. It doesn't twist, it doesn't really flex, it's just solid.

That rigidity doesn't come at a comfort price though. The ear cups are thickly padded and large enough for even those with, ahem, generously proportioned ears. The use of carefully sculpted metal keeps the overall weight down, and so you can wear them for hours without growing weary, or suffering from the 'sweaty ear syndrome' which can affect some leather ear cups. Although that is helped by the venting on the outside of the ear cups. Speaking of which;

This level of attention to design detail is probably best expressed in the removable outer casing of the ear pieces. They come on and off easily, and if you are so inclined you could 3D print your own - although we accept that is still a technology in its infancy. Even better it isn't an afterthought, as the Masterpulse Pro look just as attractive with the sides off and they do with them on, and the translucent panel allows your choice of logo lighting to shine through either way. They aren't just decorative though. The outside of the ear pieces is vented which means that if you have the sides off you end up with an open backed headset and all the airy, well balanced, soundscapes that can bring. By placing them on you convert the Masterpulse Pro to a partially closed back design, which tightens the bass without artificially tweaking the EQ profile. It's from this ability that Cooler Master advertise the "Bass FX" element of the Masterpulse Pro.

The sound profile is beautifully balanced. If you have the Masterpulse Pro in open backed mode you get the richly balanced, slightly airy soundscapes that you would expect to find in the high-end of PC headset sound quality. Adding the side plates to close the backs off retains that well balanced audio whilst tightening up the bass for those of you who like a little thump with your media. Equally it doesn't matter whether you run in 7.1 or Stereo, you don't lose any of the crystal clear sound reproduction, nor does moving the headset into 7.1 merely add tons of reverb in a mock-surround style. Whether you want the subtle tones of a classic piece, or the bordering-on-white-noise of experimental electronic music, and everything inbetween, the Masterpulse Pro delivers outstanding sound quality to go with its excellent build quality and flexibility, and thus it wins our OC3D Enthusiast Award.

Cooler Master Masterpulse Pro 7.1 Headset Review  

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28-10-2016, 09:15:58

Do these have a microphone? These vs headphones with a modmic? How about the Sennheiser Game Zero?Quote

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