ASUS HP-100U Dolby Headphone Set

External packaging

As previously mentioned, lately ASUS have been on something of a roll with the quality of their packaging and the HP-100U is, whilst not quite on a par with their graphics cards, nonetheless very good indeed. Especially when you consider that headphones, more than many other hardware items, will be mainly sold at retail outlets and therefore informative packaging is a must.
Front Box  Box back
The front of the box is everything one would expect. A bit picture of the three items contained within, all the relevant logos including four Dolby logos, for Dolby Digital, Dolby Headphones, Dolby Pro Logic IIx and Dolby Virtual Speaker. A logo for the Xonar that powers the U1, and a some brief text explaining the key features of the HP-100U.
The rear of the box is contains much less information and is a basic retread of front in multiple languages. The sides also give the specifications mentioned on the previous page and a run down of the minimum specs you need to meet to be able to run it. A mere 1.4GHz processor and 256MHz of RAM ensures that it will be compatible with almost any computer or laptop still running.
So why the plaudits for the packaging? Well it contains a few hidden gems, which are a boon to those of us who still peruse the local computer emporium.
Boxinside1   Insidebox2
Behind the front of the box are two Velcro fasteners that hold the key to the superlatives. By opening the stiff cardboard main front, very sturdy to withstand multiple curious shoppers, the contents are revealed. How often have you brought something and it doesn't resemble the picture, or you just love to see things in the flesh? Well ASUS has answered that with a handy plastic cover that allows you to see what is inside and also gives them a huge amount of real-estate to further explain the features without getting into the "tons of information in a tiny space" problem that can plague some boxes.
On the inside flap is a more detailed explanation of the four Dolby Home Theatre features and how they help create a realistic sonic environment, how the HP-100U can be connected and some of the uses it can be put to. But enough of the outside, let's open it up and get a look at the goodies.
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Most Recent Comments

24-11-2009, 11:33:08

Great review mate. As a bit of an audiophile myself i am quite into my headphones, been contemplating a pair of AKG 701's for quite some time, but these have me second guessing. Bundled with a mic and soundcard, sounds a good deal. The weight issue on the mic shouldnt affect my set up, as it would be beside my screen.

But yea, great review Quote

26-08-2011, 12:53:25

Lorren Bell
I think that the reason why manufacturers only include short cords has more to do with liability than the cost of the wire. Lets face it, including a 15 foot headphone cable as opposed to a four foot cable would only add on a few dollars at the most to the cost. However, someone tripping on a 15 foot cable and suing the company can cost thousands, even if the company wins the case. Alas, that's why we don't have sufficiently long cables. That's also why places like Monoprice will always be in business.Quote

26-08-2011, 14:45:31

Nice review. A good set of headphones, although I don't like the look of them.Quote

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