1More Spearhead VRX Headset Review


1More Spearhead VRX Headset Review


Any time a new name appears on the market you have a sense of trepidation. There is as much chance of them being Bebo as it is them being Facebook. Or if you prefer a product simile then a Windows Phone or Android.

After the success of the 1More TripleDriver On-Ear headset we were fairly smitten, as it combined immense build quality and comfort with sound quality the likes of which is tough to match this side of some Beyerdynamic T1s. Audiophile headsets are one thing though, could 1More translate that success into the more affordable, gamer focussed, Spearhead VRX? After all, the world is absolutely awash with 20Hz-20kHz headsets for gamers, so it is a much more difficult mainstream market to crack.

The answer to that rhetorical question is a resounding, thumping, unqualified yes.

Starting off with the elements that you would expect to be good as a minimum, the Spearhead VRX are exceptionally robust. We've lost count of the number of creaky headsets we've reviewed here at OC3D, but ones which feel like you could run them over with a steamroller without damaging them are much fewer, and the 1More fit into that category. The steel headband design is a popular choice as it really keeps the weight down whilst being robust, and so it isn't a shock that 1More have chosen that design for the Spearhead VRX. What really starts separating them from the herd is the quality of the earpiece to headband connection. Normally a weak spot the Spearhead actually feel seriously sturdy. There is just enough movement to ensure that they fit sweetly on your noggin but not so much that they are flimsy. The quality of the materials for the ear pieces is equally high, giving a sense that these aren't the type of coverings which will split and fade after a few months hard use. Even the cables and buttons have a solidity to them which speaks of no expense spared instead of the afterthought they can be.

Sound quality, the most important element of any headset, very nearly hits the heights of the TripleDriver. The average person wont notice the difference between a headset which peaks at 40kHz over one that peaks at 20kHz. Nonetheless the Spearhead VRX sounds absolutely spectacular, very much amongst the top two or three headsets which utilise this frequency range we've tested. This is largely in part to the incredible design of the drivers themselves which allow the bass to be pumping hard without getting woolly, the highs to be crystalline without being fragile, and the all important midrange to be broad enough to allow each different element - be it instrument or FX - to remain distinctive. The precision of the 7.1 setup is one of the best we've heard too, and if you've ever found yourself with a headset that is too quiet even at maximum volume then you'll be pleased to know that the Spearhead VRX can be seriously loud if you choose without diminishing the sound quality. It's potentially one of the loudest headsets we've ever reviewed, and we're struggling to remember one louder. Perfect for those poorly levelled media.

The 1More Spearhead VRX then ticks all the boxes of things you would expect, but it has a couple of cool tricks up its sleeve. Firstly the lighting lets you fly your team colours with pride, and the extendable light bar which responds to your voice is a neat touch. What really separates it from the pack and leaves us slack-jawed in wonderment is the Waves NX Head Tracking. Head Tracking is nothing new and simulator junkies will have had a lot of experience with the glory that is TrackIR and how it can utterly transform your immersion and skill level. Whether slaughtering Thargoids in Elite, hunting Jerry in IL2 or clipping apexes in your driving game of choice, head tracking technology is spectacular. The Spearhead VRX employs a similar thing except for audio, which actually lets you move your head around and perfectly adjusts the audio in response. Not just by making it louder or moving the L/R slider, but with some under-the-hood tech we don't fully understand. All we can say is that it is so impressive you'd think it was magic or witchcraft. It's impressive enough if this is your first experience of head tracking as a concept, but if you combine it with TrackIR as we did then it is a transformative experience so good it's almost transcendent.

After the excellence of the 1More TripleDriver the move to a more gaming focussed product could have seen a sophomore slump, in actuality the combination of robust build quality, fantastic sound and the insanity of the Waves NX tech mean that the Spearhead VRX is, if anything, even more impressive. The Spearhead VRX wins our OC3D Enthusiast Award whilst the Waves NX head tracking is such a game changer it has to win our OC3D Innovation Award too.

1More Spearhead VRX Headset Review     1More Spearhead VRX Headset Review  

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