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Manufacturer of competitive gaming products Zowie Gear today announced the addition of the first mechanical keyboard to product line. Dubbed Zowie Celeritas, the new keyboard has been specially designed keeping the high performance requirements of gamers in mind.

When it comes to gaming, the response time of keyboards is an important factor, as is the ability to move freely. If these aspects are not up to the mark, the keyboard can hamper the performance of the gamer, particularly in extreme competitions. Having already conquered the fort with their mice and other peripherals, it was high time for Zowie to put their minds to developing a competitive gaming keyboard. The result is the Zowie Celeritas.

For the development, Zowie teamed up with professional gamers including those of Counter-Strike, Starcraft, and Kartrider. Their inputs have led to Zowie Celeritas being developed with features such as 18K gold-plated brown mechanical switches and nylon key caps. While the mechanical switches increase durability and pressure feeling, the nylon key caps provide higher comfort to fingers. The overall design has been kept simple yet effective.

However, the main feature of the keyboard lies in F9, F10, F11, and F12 keys. These keys inculcate Zowie’s newly developed Zowie RTR (Real Time Response) technology. Zowie RTR lets users define the repeat-response of their presses, which can be set to 1x, 2x, 4x or 8x of the normal repeat-response for a keyboard. The technology only comes into play when the keyboard is connected using a PS/2 connector.

The result is much higher responsiveness for gamers, which directly results in faster movements in FPS and racing games. In RTS games, it can lead to better APM. The actual response time of the Zowie Celeritas is also just 0.2 seconds, which is less than half that of the “normal response time” of 0.5 seconds of currently available keyboard. This makes the Celeritas the fastest mechanical keyboard in the market. The keyboard also has full anti-ghosting feature for all keys when in PS/2 connection and 6 keys in USB mode.

Last but not the least Zowie has paid attention to the need for games to have certain programmable keys. So the left windows key, which largely remains unused, has been made programmable as a Ctrl key. Once defined, it allows RTS gamers to perform multi-pressing and thereby increase their reach with an additional 3-4 keys.

The Celeritas will start shipping out to retailers at the beginning of next month with a suggested MSRP of €119.90.

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Zowie Gear Intros World’s Fastest Mechanical Keyboard  Zowie Gear Intros World’s Fastest Mechanical Keyboard  Zowie Gear Intros World’s Fastest Mechanical Keyboard