Zotac release their new GTX 465 card Page: 1

Zotac release their new GTX 465 card

The Zotac GTX  465 is aimed at value concious gamers, those who would love a top of the line card, but can’t justify the price that they command.

Best-in-class performance comes from nVidia’s new GTX 465 GPU running at 607MHz, armed with 352 unified shaders at a shader clock of 1215MHz. A 256-bit memory interface links the GPU to 1GB of 3206MHz GDDR5 memory.

The card supports all the latest features, DX11 with Shader Model 5, nVidia 3D Vision, PhysX and 3-way SLI. You can check out full specs on Zotac’s website.

This new card should be just the trick for nVidia fans on a budget.

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