YOYOTech Launches Warbird i650 System Page: 1

System builder and component retailer YOYOTech has announced the latest addition to their pre-built system line, the Warbird i650.  Built around an Intel Core i5 650 clocked at 4GHz, the Warbird i650 is touted as the world's first i5 650-based PC to ship factory clocked at such speeds.

To go with the clocked i5 650 processor, YOYOTech has equipped the system with 4GB DDR3-1333 RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and HD5750 graphics card that feeds to a LG 22" monitor.  Operating system-wise, the Warbird i650 comes loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

Charanjit Kohli, Managing Director of YOYOTech said, "Since smashing the world performance record for PCs again in December, we have been working very closely with Intel on systems that deliver smart multi-tasking as well as extra GHz on demand.  The YOYOTech Warbird i650 is a perfect example of intelligent performance with significant speed boost."

For the price of £699.99 you get the system backed by YOYOTech's one-year RTB (Return to Base) warranty.  Seeing as this price is considerably lower than the individual parts alone from their site, the Warbird i650 seems to be quite a deal.

For more detailed specs and information, check out the product page here.