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XFX Exclusive Farcry 2 Bundles
XFX sends you deep in a war-torn African state to achieve the impossible: find the Jackal. All you are armed with is a copy of Far Cry 2, the newly released sequel to the popular game title, and an XFX GeForce® 9 Series graphics card. Because that’s all you’ll need to emerge victorious.

The XFX GeForce® 9 Series/Far Cry 2 bundle is offered exclusively by XFX, NVIDIA’s preferred board partner. Whichever XFX GeForce® 9 Series card you choose*, you are guaranteed an unparalleled gaming experience thanks to a full range of graphics management features that optimize the user experience.

Engineered for maximum performance, XFX GeForce® 9 Series GPUs come equipped with industry-leading features such as PhysX®, Cuda and Hybrid Power technology, and many offer dual and three-way SLI® mode.

PhysX is NVIDIA’s powerful physics engine that enables real-time graphics and provides an exponential increase in physics processing power. What all that means is that explosions generate dust, characters move with life-like motion; and weapons generate incredible effects. In other words, it’s the engine that generates a mind-blowing gaming experience.

CUDA™ technology, the world’s only C language environment, taps into the GPUs’ processor cores to accelerate applications. Hybrid Power technology is another performance enhancement for certain configurations that allow the graphics card to shut off during non-3D-intensive applications.

Offering an array of performance-driven specifications, the XFX GeForce® 9 Series cards are designed for the new PCI Express 2.0 bus architecture, and offer the highest data transfer speeds, for smoother game play and a more realistic game experience. Second generation NVIDIA PureVideo® HD technology engine ensures unsurpassed Blu-ray and HD DVD movie picture quality. Thanks to hardware acceleration, dynamic contrast enhancement and color stretch video processing, high definition movies and dual-stream picture-in-picture content are optimized on a scene by scene basis producing spectacular picture quality.

Best of all, many of the XFX GeForce® 9 Series graphics cards come with XFX’s LiveHelp support. To learn more about any XFX 9 Series card or to locate a participating e-tailer, go to www.xfxforce.com.

*Far Cry 2 Exclusive FREE Bundles are limited to select XFX GeForce 9-Series graphics cards. Select GeForce GTX-Series cards also include the FREE Bundle. Offers may vary by region.
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