XFX Bundles Aliens Vs Predator with Select HD 5000 Series Cards Page: 1

Graphics card manufacturer XFX is offering an exclusive deal for gaming enthusiasts – they have bundled their top-selling XFX ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series Graphics Cards with the latest release of Aliens vs. Predator. Available only through XFX, the bundle is expected to become the true gamers’ delight.

Aliens vs. Predator features the latest DirectX 11 technology, which gives it stunning graphic details and unparalleled video depth. The game has both single-player and three-way multiplayer modes that make for hours of entertaining and gripping game play. The single-player mode allows players to be the Marine, the Alien or the Predator. In the multi-player mode, players can play all sides against one another in different online modes.

The developer Rebellion has released the game for both PC and high-definition consoles and also has plans for DLDC map packs and game mods in the near future. XFX has hand-picked the graphics cards in the bundle to deliver a gaming experience of the highest possible level. All cards in the bundle come with ATI Eyefinity Technology, ATI Stream Technology and DirectX 11 support. All three technologies offer top-of-the-line gaming experience and have been created specifically to take user experience to the next level.

The offer from XFX is a limited period one and is available in select regions. All customers who buy any of XFX’s selected ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series Graphics Cards with the bundle would receive the Aliens vs. Predator game as a free download.

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