Xbox prepares for future updates with an update Page: 1
Xbox 360 logoMicrosoft release new update for Xbox 360
Major Nelson recently reported that Microsoft have released a new system update for the Xbox 360, which you'll obviously need Xbox LIVE to download.
If you have downloaded this update then you will already know, but if you haven't then don't get your hopes up and spend any time searching for new features as there aren't any.  This update is an update for a future update.. Yeah.. Good ay!
When you turn on your Xbox and sign in to Xbox LIVE, you will be prompted to accept this mandatory update.  It contains code to "prepare for future growth of the service." and offers absolutely no other changes or enhancements.  So when it comes to installing, make sure you don't get too overwhelmed with the excitement of your 360 working exactly the same as it did before the update.
In all seriousness though, its said that it brings a variety of changes that will pave the way for some spangly new features that are likely to be rolled out in the Spring update.  As yet there are no details of anything that will be included in the next quarterly update, but word is some information should be forthcoming soon.
Looking forward to your Spring update?? Have any theories as to what will be included??
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