Xbox 360 to Receive 65nm Die Shrink Page: 1
Xbox 360 to Receive 65nm Die Shrink

Under the codename 'Falcon' Microsoft plan to shrink the Xbox 360's processor from 90nm to 65nm.

According to the source, Takahashi states there are numerous benefits for Microsoft to move to a smaller manufacturing process. Firstly, the costs are reduced which will allow MS to pass on savings to customers to compete even more aggressivly with Sony's recent PS3 price cut. Secondly, the smaller dies produce less heat which will reduce the occourance of the RRoD hardware failure which is beleived to be caused by units overheating causing the motherboard to warp and solder joints to crack.  This allows MS to use smaller motherboards and acheive greater airflow, paired with an uprated heatsink this should solve Microsofts RRoD woes.

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