Windows successor in pipeline Page: 1

Codename: Midori

Midori to replace Windows?Details are emerging of the new OS which may replace Windows after it is retired. Codenamed Midori, the OS will be drastically different from the Windows family. It's centred on the internet and does away with the OS being tied to an individual PC. Midori is believed to be in development because Windows is finding it hard to keep up with the rate of technological advances and what people are expecting from it. It is also said to be Microsoft's answer to rivals using 'virtualisation' technology to solve current computing problems. Technical details have been leaked in a report from SD Times, citing internal Microsoft documents.

Microsoft also look set to be abandoning it's current GUI model, but they haven't decided what user interface abstractions are appropriate when applications cut across boundaries, or how to combine the best qualities of rich client applications and web applications. They are also keen to downplay the news leaks regarding Midora, saying that it is just a research project. If the project makes it to release, it could spell a new era for Microsoft.

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