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'Video Games are Terrorists'. So says Ron Luce!

Video Games are terroristsThe man responsible for this 'accusation' is a columnist for The Christian Post. In his latest diatribe, he says the following:

A man knocks on your door. As soon as you answer, you recognize him from the posters around town. He’s a known thief and sexual predator of young girls who has just escaped from prison. He asks if he can go into your teens’ bedroom to hang out with them for a while. Of course you say, 'No way!' so he asks if he can just come into your living room and hang out. You say, “Absolutely not!” So he finally just settles for hanging out with the whole family as you watch a litany of popular TV shows that night; as you spend 'family time' together."
If we, under any circumstances, wouldn’t let that man into the rooms of our kids (whether male of female) why would we let a TV or computer reside in our kids’ bedrooms? These modern occupiers of time dispense a river of polluted entertainment riddled with the same values driving the visitor at your front door. Why would you let all those people into your house? Every time we let unsupervised media into our homes and into our kids’ minds, we have invited a terrorist into our home.


According to Mr. Luce, there are many 'terrorists' in the modern home, video games, computers, mobile phones, teen magazines, music, TV, & movies are some of the suspects. You can read his full article here.

What do you make of his statements? Do you think he raises any valid points or he needs a reality check? Discuss here in our forum.