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VIA Technologies Inc have released an industry first for CPU and chipset makers - the carbon free processor. With a maximum power consumption of just 20W, the VIA C7®-D processor also sets new standards for performance-per-watt operation and enables use of less power intensive supporting components such as power supplies and cooling fans, and facilitates ultra low profile commercial desktop designs.

The VIA C7®-D (Esther Core) processor is based on the low profile NanoBGA2 package that measures just 21mm x 21mm and is scalable from 1.5GHz to 1.8GHz.

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VIA have also made a conscientious effort to clean up their own 'backyard' and facilitate or assist community organisations to do the same. VIA are actively helping regional organisations towards significantly reduced Carbon Dioxide levels through projects such as: Reforestation; alternative sources of energy, and energy conservation.

If you're interested in VIA's new carbon free processor's, you can find additional information here

Feel free to discuss the merits of VIA's stance on a healthier future, or alternatively, the new C7®-D processor in our forum