Valve Opens TF2 Item Creation To The Masses Page: 1

As the class updates for Team Fortress 2 went live, ever wish your obviously better ideas could make it into the game?  Well now they can!  Valve has announced the launch of the Team Fortress 2 Contribution Page.

Using this page, players will now be able to submit their ideas for in-game items, including weapons and hats.  Should your idea get approved, the item will get automatically added to your own inventory as well as the global pool of random item drops.

Think you're good at making TF2 items and avatars? Better even than the people who design the game? Here's the thing: you're probably right. And believe us, this knowledge haunts us every day.

To help would-be item creators, Valve has provided a tips and tricks page detailing general modeling style guidelines. Submissions may be made using the following file formats:

* Item model formats: .QL, .OBJ, or .MT
* Materials formats: .VMT+, .TXT, and .TGA/.PSD
* TF2 Official Group Avatar format: 184x184 pixels, .JPG

Approved items and avatars will be added to an online gallery for all to see and comment on.  General offensive restrictions apply.

Got an idea for an item you're just dying to see in game?  Try submitting it at the TF2 contribution page here.