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Another Antec 900 clone?

Thermaltake V9Thermaltake have announced their new case, the V9, which is aimed at the gamer and bears a striking resemblance to the Antec 900. It features a top mounted 23cm fan and two 12cm fans front and rear, with dust covers on all air intake points. From the press release:

V9 was definitely created for proud gamers at Lan Parties! To boost up the system performance for extreme gaming warriors, the air flow within V9 has been independently designed to focus on the four different heating sources in the chassis, CPU, VGA, HDD and PSU. The 23cm top fan that is impossible to ignore, works perfectly with the metal meshed front panel and rear fan. CPU cooling is further enhanced with one side fan and another optional fan installation on the motherboard tray. The second fan installed on the side panel is then strategically positioned to increase the air intake for VGA heating areas. Together with the bottom placed power supply unit and the 12cm red LED fan at the front for HDD cooling; the ventilation design excellence of V9 is equally stimulating as its stylish appearance!


There's no word on pricing as yet. You can view the V9 product pages here, and the official press release here.

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