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Gigabyte P55 UD6 Features
The new P55 motherboard range from Gigabyte.
Since the release date for Core i5 has been confirmed, news about P55 based motherboards is coming thick and fast. Today is no different, Gigabyte have sent us details of their P55 range. Shown below are the features of the the new high end board, the GA-P55-UD6. It features a 24 Phase power circuit for enhanced overclocking performance, the now typical 2oz Copper PCB for lower temperatures and higher efficency. It also features all solid Japanese capacitors, again for improved overclocking ability and effiecency. There is no set information on pricing yet, although it is rumoured to cost around $269.99 or £160, although nothing is confirmed yet!
Below, we can see a table featuring 9 boards, listing their specifications. This shows that the P55-UD6 is missing nothing out, with it's heatpipe cooling, SLI and Crossfire support, 12 SATA II ports, Dolby sound, firewire and dual LAN ports. Moving down we can see the P55-UD5 which is almost identical in both looks and features, although it does only have a 12+2 power phase circuit, so overclocking performance will be a little less.
The P55-UD4 is where we begin to loose features, we get an 8+2 power phase circuit and lose Smart TPM (which encrptys passwords and stores them on a USB thumb drive). There is also now 10 SATA ports, compared to 12, and a single LAN port, and 8 Channel HD audio rather than Dolby. The P55-UD3P is a similiar sort of story, no SLI support or firewire this time, but adds Smart TPM back in. The UD3R is similiar, no SLI, firewire or Smart TPM.
Now we are in budget territory, the P55-UD3 has no heatpipe cooling, a 4+2 power phase, 8 SATA ports, no SLI, firewire or Smart TPM. The P55-US3L is the low end board of the series, with only 6 SATA ports, again no SLI or firewire, and also looses the 100% solid Japanese capacitors.
Gigabyte P55 Lineup Details
Finally, we reach something that is becoming more popular - mATX boards, with multiple graphics card solutions. There are two mATX boards in the line up, denoted by the m in the model number. First we have the P55M-UD4 which looks like a very good board. It brings back the 12+2 power phases, heatpipe cooling and 100% Japanese capacitors, which means it's likely to be a good overclocker. With SLI and Crossfire support, firewire, 8 SATA ports and Dolby sound, it sounds like the perfect board for those enthusiasts that love small form factors! 
For the more casual SFF user there is the P55M-UD2 which has the cut down 4+2 power phase, no heatpipes, no SLI support and standard 8 channel HD sound.
Overall, it looks like a very solid lineup and there is certainly a board for everybody, no matter what their requirements. Gigabyte have always done very well at hitting each and every price point with solid performing boards, and this looks no different.
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