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The OC3D Hangover Cure

If you decided to follow our New Year's Eve article as a guide for last night's house party, you may have also ignored our warnings about binge drinking. As a result you might be “hung over”. In other words, you have probably woken up dehydrated, most probably with a headache and most crucially an empty stomach.

Before you consider heading back to bed, you may want to consider relining your stomach with some food and drink. Once your body is supplied with energy and an abundance of fluids, you will most certainly be on your way back to recovery. In a nutshell, a hangover cure should ransform you from self pitying zombie to a man with a million bucks.

So what does the OC3D hangover cure consist of? Turn over to find out more.

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The Morning After Cure


Marks & Spencer Ciabatta Bread Loaf
8 x Tesco Lincolnshire Sausages
3 x Thin Bacon Rashers
3 x Fried Eggs
Serves 3, or one rotund individual

The Morning After Cure

In a nutshell, the OC3D Hang Over cure is in essence a typical breakfast “fry up”. The oily mix of eggs and various pork meats provide the protein and energy needed to kick start the day, while the wholesome Ciabatta bread soaks up any additional nasties.

The Morning After Cure      The Morning After Cure

With this in mind, the cooking process is very simple; the only key factor is timing. By all means cook your meat and eggs concurrently however you must ensure that your bread is toasted towards the end of the cooking process so that everything is warm at the time of serving.

The Morning After Cure

Simply add large helpings of your favourite sauce and bon appetite!

The Morning After Cure

Below is a graph of our testbed's reaction times before, during and after the OC3D Hangover Cure.

The results speak for themselves. If you are in need of a kickstart in a bun, then this is for you.

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