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Tesco Offering 1TB Hard Disk for Under £70

Tesco Direct has just dropped prices of hard disk drives to unheard of levels; it is retailing the Iomega 1TB desktop hard drive for just £69.97. If certain other factors are thrown in, the effective cost of the hard drive falls to a paltry £60.

Prices of hard disk drives have been in a free-fall for the last several months, what with the threat of high-performance solid state alternatives becoming easily available and more affordable. This makes the present time ideal for buying a good quality hard disk drive at low cost.

The Iomega 1TB hard drive available at Tesco Direct features only USB 2.0 connectivity and seems miniscule in comparison to Western Digital’s recently launched 2TB drive. But its price tag of just £69.97 makes the deal a really sweet one.

Tesco is offering a few additional bargains to make it all the more attractive – double Clubcard points for orders placed via its website; an additional £6 off to customers using voucher code XXG7KD, and a three percent cash back for customers coming via Quidco. The end result is an effective price of around £60.

Now that definitely is a good deal!

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