Team Fortress 2 to receive 'Heavy Update' Page: 1
Valve to release 'A Heavy Update' for Team Fortress 2 Valve's A Heavy Update
Fans of Team Fortress 2 will be happy to know that Valve are preparing the largest update to Team Fortress 2 since it was first released as part of The Orange Box last October.
The update includes new unlockable weapons, achievements, a new gameplay mode and a number of new maps. The update is expected to rollout on the 19th of August and will be available to all owners of Team Fortress 2.
In addition to the 'A Heavy Update' Valve are offering a Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend via their Steam online delivery and management platform. The Free Weekend is open to gamers the world over and scheduled to begin Friday, August 22 at 11 am PDT. For more information, please visit
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