TDK HDD Roadmap Shows Possible 3.2TB Drives Page: 1
TDK Roadmap is very promising!
Ever since they announced a range of SSDs earlier this year, they have been very quiet. However, now we can see why. They are planning to compete with the big players in the HDD market, such as Seagate and Western Digital.
If all goes according to plan then we could see 2TB hard drives in 3.5" format and 640GB hard drives in 2.5" format by early 2010. The information came from a presentation to financial analysts and states "current highest density read/write heads it is mass producing are for 250GB/platter 2.5" or small form factor (SFF) drives and for 500GB/platter 3.5" disk drives."
The roadmap, explains how the company plans to make the move to 320GB per platter for 2.5" drives, and it shows that mass production could start as early as a few months from now. This means that 640GB 2.5" HDDs aren't far away, and there's even the possibility that three-platter 960GB notebook drives could be created from this move. These new drives are expected to be 5400RPM, with 7200RPM variants coming as soon as the head and media technologies improve.
As for the 3.5" drives, TDK say they are looking to move from 500GB platters to 640GB platters, with the possibility of a four-platter 2.5TB drive that could hit the market by early next year. If this goes well then we could even be seeing a 3.2TB five-platter model from later on. If this is successful then we can guarentee that the other manufacturers won't be far behind.
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