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TDK - 320GB Blu Ray Disk
TDK are well known for pushing the boundaries of storage, as we reported a few weeks ago, they are planning 960GB laptop and 3.2TB desktop drives in the very near future. Well, they've decided to push the limits of optical media too, with this 10 layered disc that has a 320GB capacity.
They have already developed a 10-layer disc capable of holding a whopping 320GB, or 32GB per layer. TDK say that it's possible to write and read data on and from the disc by using a blue-violet semiconductor laser with an oscillation wavelength of 405nm and an objective lens with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.85. The same technology that's found in Blu-ray Discs to you an I. So, the technology behind these drives is already out there in the mainstream.
The company has tested the disc and has found it to be reliable enough for commercial use and are planning to showcase the disc at the CEATEC trade show in Japan next week. This shows how physical media won't die off any time soon, there is still plenty of potential left.
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