Tagan teams with NVIDIAs ESA Page: 1
Official Press Release

Tagan Technology co, the leading manufacturer of high end power supply unit, is proud to announce as the research and develop partner with NVIDIA’s ESA (Enthusiast System Architecture) system control launch.

Tagan’s technology along with NVIDA’s extensive engineering has developed a solution to give system artificial intelligence. ESA monitors and controls system temperature, current, and voltage regulation automatically.

This architecture monitors and auto adjust water cooling, chassis cooling, and most important of all, power regulation throughout the entire system. This technological achievement allows real time system monitoring and manages all vital components to achieve optimal over clocking, gaming, and performance. “Tagan is proud to announce the new ESA industry specification, which allows users to monitor and control system temperature, power current, and voltage. ESA will allow anyone to pinpoint the exact system issue when other components are functioning properly, affording them the capability for isolating and then enhancing the operating environment.”--Vincent Chen, CEO of Tagan Technology Co.


In order for the power supply to work flawlessly with the architecture, Tagan has implemented a new smart chip in its power supply to control the input/output of power and voltage for all vital components. With Tagan and NVIDIA’s ESA architecture, any system built with ESA certified components will be well regulated and perform at best setting.

Two great companies come together, the result has to be amazing! Please discuss on our forum.