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Official Press Release

Tagan Releases New U26 Series (I-Xeye II)

This series is aimed at the mid range market, combining price and quality into its unique and iconic design. Those of you who may remember the original U02 series (I-Xeye) will notice that this new PSU maintains its futuristic looks and Blue LED design.

The U26 is compatible with Intel EPS12V Version 2.9 and EPS/ATX downward versions and has 4 independent +12v rails. These Independent +12V rails provide individual currents which will maintain stability to different devices to avoid heavy-loading and power supply failures.

Available in 500, 600, 700, 800 Watt models.


• Compatible with Intel EPS12V Version 2.9 and EPS/ATX downward versions with independent +12V rails.
• Blue LED light is suitable for gamers various system integration.
• Independent +12V rails provide individual electricity to different devices and avoid heavy-loading devices share power in the same time.
• Universal main board support due to 20+4 pin main power as well as 4-pin & 8-pin +12V power connectors for 20, 20+4,24+4, and 24+8 configurations.
• 80% electricity efficiency average saves money and reduces losing power become heat.
• Two 6-pin PCI Express connectors support NVIDIA SLI technologies, and ATI Crossfire graphic cards.
• PCI-Express 6PIN cables with REMI technology reduce EMI ripples and noises to save device lifetime and enhance display performance.
• Support high-end main board with VGA 4pin socket for graphic card electricity.
• Combo-S2M (SATA to IDE) connectors empowering all types of hard drives and easy management between SATA and IDE devices.
• Three Molex 4PIN and four SATA 5PIN with Combo-S2M connectors make total seven Molex 4PIN connectors available.
• Total 13+1* IDE and SATA hard disks are available for top users. (*VGA 4Pin)
• TSCT (Tagan Silence Control Technology) keeps under 30dBA even full-loading and hard to recognize by human ear.
• Automatic +12V rails combine mode can integrate rails into single rail with more DC output.
• Dual 8cm push-pull extreme high speed fans are the best cooling system and keep silence.
• Thermal control fans are adjustable automatically by temperature inside of the power supply. Fan speed up when temperature rises.
• Super-big heat sink inside the power release heat in optimum efficiency.
• Black mesh and copper-shielding cables help user to optimize airflow for thermal release.
• Internal OVP (Over Voltage Protection) and OCP (Over Current Protection) function avoids sudden power surge damage peripherals.
• Universal AC input range for all countries: 110~240VAC with active PFC for better electricity performance.
• Unique ground wire with golden pin can release static electricity from power supply and avoid damage.
• Including cable bands for cable management.
• Guarantee 36 months warranty.

Tagan U26

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