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Synology Release two new RAID solutions
Fresh from winning first place in's Top 10 Network Attached Storage evaluation, Synology Inc. have today announced the release of two new RAID solutions for the home and small office, combining performance with a lower price-point for the home and small office markets than competing products, the Synology DS210j and the Synology DS410j.
SynologyBoth the Synology DS210j and the Synology DS410j are provided with a 800MHz CPU, 128MB of DDR2 RAM and a Gigabit LAN port.
The DS210j comes with 3 USB ports and the ability to support two 2TB hard drives for a 4TB capacity of 3.5" drives, although an adaptor kit allows the installation of 2.5" disks. The DS410j is equipped with 2 USB ports and can handle four 2TB hard drives giving a total capacity of up to 8TB, whilst also including native support for both 3.5" and 2.5" storage solutions.
Both come with a cable-less design ensuring that installation is both quick and hassle-free.
As with all Synology products they come complete with the renowned system firmware, Disk Station manager 2.2, exclusively available on Synology products. By being DLNA compliant both the DS210j and DS410j are ideal for file sharing and streaming multimedia content between a wide range of DLNA-certified home devices.
PHP+MySQL built-in Web Station and Photo Station 3 enable users to enrich their web presence with the hosting of up to 30 websites with dynamic web pages. Surveillance Station 3 enables an easy and economically viable solution to network video surveillance and includes SMS notification for critical events.
The flexibility of the DS210j and DS410j are only enhanced for the Apple user with the inclusion of iPhone and Apple Time Machine support. Streaming of music to either iPhones or the iPod Touch via DS Audio and Photographs with DS photo is simple, both applications are available as a free download on the Apple App Store. Time Machine support ensures that Apple users can back up their data using software that they are familiar with.
Statistics from the Synology testing lab shows an average speed of 25MB/s in Windows writing and 42MB/s in Windows reading for Synology DS410j when configured as RAID 5. For Synology DS210j, the average speed of 27MB/s in Windows writing and 59MB/s in Windows reading were found in RAID 1 configuration. The DS410j test was done using 4 Seagate 750GB drives and the DS210j test using 2.
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