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Swiftech Introduces two new productsKomodo
Komodo is the name chosen for Swiftechs new full cover GTX285 waterblock. The Komodo has been designed using an embedded thin-pin matrix located directly above the GPU area which offers offers superior thermal performance at the GPU level. The waterblock is single slot and cools the GPU, Voltage Regulators, I/O chip, and memory modules. The recommended retail price for the Komodo is $134.95.
 Eurostyle barb
Swiftech include their new short barb fittings which are compatible with SLI systems. These high-polish chrome plated brass barb fittings feature a captive o-ring. Due to the design, these Eurostyle barbs require a flat mating surface, meaning that an O-Ring is not required in the mating part of the surface to create a seal. The  Eurotech barbs are priced at $5/Pair.
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