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Super Talent SSDSuper Talent on SSD's.
At Computex 08 Super Talent were talking about Solid State Drives (SSD's).  They already sell 120GB SSDs for about $640 at Newegg and say that prices could drop by over half by Christmas this year.
We are talking about the newest generation of 2.5 inch drives with sequential access read at max 120MB/s and sequential access write at 40MB/s.  Super Talent do sell the higher end versions that have writing speeds of 70MB/s, but you would be looking at doubling the price.

The fact is SSD's are getting cheaper and faster by the day.
Not too long ago you would have been looking at spending over double what they cost now.
The reason for the dramatic fall in prices is that MLC memory is getting cheaper and that is being passed down into the cost of the drives.

As mentioned above, Super Talent believe that by Christmas there is a real chance of prices dropping close to the $300 mark for a 120GB drive.  While still expensive, it would definitely bring SSD's into the minds of enthusiasts who want the absolute fastest machine available with a totally silent operation.
I recently read somewhere that according to some industry analysts, the price of SSD storage is set to half every nine months with prices soon to enter the mainstream end of the market.  Obviously the prices above are in $$$s, and the price over here in the UK will more than likely be a hell of a lot more, but it still gives us an idea of how quickly prices are tumbling.
How long are you planning on waiting before considering buying an SSD?  Or is it not a matter of time, but price instead?
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