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Spore's DRM to loosen slightly
A DRM protest Spore CreationAfter massive consumer outcry, EA will be loosening its anti-piracy measures a bit. Some time "in the near future," an update will be released that will allow users to deactivate and regain an install. This goes in addition to the recent silent raising of the install limit from three to five.

EA also made responses to a number of the main complaints about the SecurRom software to MTV. They released some numbers showing that only a small portion of users install on more than one machine, let alone three. There was also an assurance that the SecurRom software contains no spyware or viruses, and that should EA one day shut the servers down, a patch would be issued to deactivate the DRM software. For further reading, the full responses and statistics can be found here.

While it's nice to see a company make changes based on user input, the deactivation measure seems to be such an obvious idea that it should have been implemented in the first place. Still, if nothing else, it's a start. Are EA's actions and responses enough, or does more still need to be done?

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