Sony resolve issue with firmware v2.40 in v2.41 release Page: 1
PS3 imageSony fix firmware issue with new release
We recently reported that Sony had to pull the latest release of firmware for the PS3 due to a small number of machines konking out (technical term) after installing it.
Sony have been working tirelessly to try and fix the bug which Sony say was caused by "certain administrative data being contained in the HDD". 
They have now remedied the problem and as such have released PS3 System Software Version 2.41 which can be downloaded right now.  (Downloading mine as I type)
As we also previously reported, this firmware version will make more noticeable changes to the console than possibly the last 5 together.  The main addition has to be the trophy system but I wont go into that as it's already been covered.. Also highly anticipated is the inclusion of the in-game cross-media bar.
Here you can find a list of games supporting, and launching with trophies.

You can download the patch here, althought it would probably be easier just down use the auto update.
Were you one of the unlucky ones to get konked "cough"?
Let us know what you think of the new firmware version in our forum.