Sony Patents Self Destroying Game Demos Page: 1

Sony has patented a new method of handing out game demos that will allow gamers to try the full game but with the game destroying itself over time. If the solution is successful, gamers will be able to enjoy the full or nearly-full game right in the demo.

So far, gamers have had limited choice where it comes to trying and buying games. Traditionally, game demos have been extremely limited in their scope and gamers have had to get satisfaction from trying out small chunks of the full game. More often than not, the demo gives such a small look at the game that it is not possible to determine what the storyline is.

Sony now seems to be working towards resolving this shortcoming. According to the new patent it has received, gamers will get access to the full (or nearly-full) game in the demo. As they try it out, features of the game will simply rot away or get disabled. Over time, the entire game will just crumble apart.

Some of the “degrading” features that are part of the patent include a decrease in weapon levels in FPS and strategy games, and the closing down of stages and tracks in racing games. Other subtle degrades would include lower sound effects, lesser depth in colours and graphics, and darker displays.

If Sony’s patent works out, it could have serious implications for game distribution methods because downloading full-sized games of Blu-ray Disc sizes would put a drain on even the fastest internet connection. On the other hand, it also opens up exciting opportunities for gamers who can get their hands on nearly full game versions to try before they buy.

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